What to put on a Business Card

What to put on a Business Card
what to put on a business card

Creating business cards is great in terms of promotion, but it’s not just as simple as 1, 2, 3! To get the most from your printed business cards, you have to know what to put on them. That’s why, in this post, DigitalPrintingIreland.ie takes you through the process of adding content to your promotional business cards, highlighting what is crucial and what is not.

What is a Business Card?

Business cards are often potential customers’ first point of contact with your business. They contain essential contact information and are designed in such a way that is consistent with your brand and the key messages that it attempts to convey. Their manageable size makes printed business cards the perfect solution for handing out during presentations, meetings and so on.

What do you put on a Business Card?

The following list will highlight the crucial aspects of effective business cards.

1. Branding and Logo

All promotional business cards must be designed in such a way that is consistent with your brand. A similar, if not identical colour scheme should be used, uniform with the rest of your business channels. This will create a consistent experience that is proven to reinforce brand identity and reassure potential customers. Furthermore, it’s imperative that your business logo is clearly displayed, using a high-quality image of at least 300dpi (dots per inch).

2. Company Name

Although it may go without saying, your company name should feature prominently on your business card. It is typically the largest piece of text to be included and as such, requires plenty of standalone space.

3. Key Messages

Your printed business cards should give potential customers an idea of what you have to offer and your brand’s core values. Try to summarize both in as few words as possible – customers hate long-winded chunks of text.

4. Employee Name

Another key feature of an effective business card is a clearly displayed employee name. This is important as it offers a personal connection to your business, giving potential customers a point of entry into starting a relationship with your brand

5. Website Address

It’s 2019, and that means that your business undoubtedly has a website. Therefore, what sense is there in not including the web address on your business card? A website will give your audience a place to find more information into what you have to offer, and could even serve as an avenue to get in touch.

6. Contact Information

Lastly, and most importantly, your essential business contact information MUST be clearly displayed. Email addresses, phone numbers, locations – all of it should be included. If not, your target audience will have no ability to inquire about your products or services – and no one wants that!

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