How do you make sure you hire the right designer?

You’ve got the idea, you’ve got the content. How do you make sure you hire the right designer?


Any print or marketing project will benefit greatly from a professional designer. Many businesses use the same designer over many years and if you already have a designer you’re happy with, hold on to them. However, if you’re a new business, been let down by your designer or just think a change and refresh is needed you’ll be looking for a new graphic designer. There’s no shortage of them in Ireland and it can be hard to find one that’s perfect for you so we’ve put together a few pointers to help ensure you hire a designer you can work now and into the future. Read Full Article

Get great branding on any budget

Budget branding

Branding Stickers

A strong brand is important for any business and while we often associate the term with large corporations, good branding is vital for small business too. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost the earth and with a bit of planning, you can get a strong brand that will help build your business now and into the future. Read Full Article

Large format printing – Get it right

Large Format PrintingAre you making these three common large format mistakes?

It’s hard to walk through any town or drive along any road in Ireland without seeing examples of large format printing. Advertisers and marketers know it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get their message in front of the greatest number of people. Designers know that large format design requires a different approach to other forms of marketing and as you walk or drive throughout Ireland you’ll see some great examples, but also some that have little or no impact.

There are three main mistakes businesses make when using large format printing but once you know them, they’re easy to avoid. Read Full Article

The best ways to promote your brand, products and services with roll up banner stands

The best ways to promote your brand, products, and services with roll up banner stands

Roll Up stand

It’s hard to avoid roll up banner stands. For years companies have used them to promote products, services or to grow their brands and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. A well placed, professional, well-designed roll up banner stand will get your message across to large numbers of people in a wide variety of locations. Read Full Article

Choose the right printer for your business

Four checks you need to do before you choose your print provider

Print online

It seems that new printers are popping up everywhere in Ireland. Different printers offer different products with seemingly great offers and prices that seem to good to be true. As a business owner you simply haven’t always got time to wade through all the print offers you’ll see on marketing material or online so how do you compare like for like? If you see a number of prices can you be sure they offer the same print quality, are printed on the same paper and offer high standards of service? Read Full Article

Printing flyers for your business?

flyersMake yours better than your competitors with our five tips for effective flyers.

Flyer advertising works – but some flyers work better than others. With so many businesses using flyers to promote their brand, products, and services, how can you ensure your flyers flatten the opposition? Read Full Article

Get the best out of Brochure Printing

Three essential elements for professional-looking brochures

Brochure DesignEven in today’s digital world company brochures remain extremely popular as sales, promotional and advertising tools. People interact for longer with a physical medium like print than they do online where they’re more likely to scan and move on. That’s why we still see so many brochures in our mail, in stores, and in showrooms. And that’s why it’s so important that your brochure looks and feels professional. Read Full Article

5 New Year Marketing Tips

Marketing Plan 2918The New Year has begun and everyone’s busy making New Year’s resolutions and putting the mistakes of last year behind them. However, many smart business owners are also making a few effective changes to their marketing campaigns in 2018. The New Year gives you the perfect opportunity to revitalise your brand. Here are five marketing tips to boost sales and grow your business in the New Year. Read Full Article

Start your Happy New Year with a great New Year’s Eve!

Print great New Year’s Eve party invites to end the year on a high

NYE PARTY INVITESWherever you are in Ireland you’ll not have to go far to find a party on New Year’s Eve. It’s a huge time for local companies too as they begin the new business year by ringing out the old. For businesses, right across Ireland the biggest party night of the year is also one of the best chances to build relationships and meet potential new customers. If you’re hosting your own New Year’s Eve party, ensure a good turnout of the right people – potential customers – with well designed, professionally printed invites.

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Time for your new logo?

Top tips from designers to help you design your first logo
Logo Design
You’ve written your business plan, your strategy’s in place, you’ve chosen your company name and you’re ready to hit the marketplace. But every new business needs a logo. Whether you go for a graphic, typography or a mixture of both, your logo is hugely important and you’ll need to get it right before you start printing your stationery or marketing. So where do you start? We’ve talked to some of Ireland’s foremost designers and brand specialists to get their tips on how to design your first logo: Read Full Article