Create the perfect folded leaflet

Folded Leaflets

Marketing trends may come and go but folded leaflets remain among the most popular pieces of printed marketing. Use folded leaflets to advertise products, detail your services or tell your company story as well as for menus, to grow brand awareness or just to introduce your business. There are so many sizes and styles of folded leaflets available today you can say as much or as little as you like. However, you’re not the only business out there advertising with a folded leaflet. To ensure your leaflet rises above the rest and gets you noticed there are a few invaluable tips you should follow. Read Full Article

See-through window graphics. How do they work?


See-through window graphics seem to be everywhere. We see them on shop and business windows, businesses, bus shelters, phone boxes and on vehicles all over Ireland. While see-through window graphics are widely used for advertising products, brands and services, they can also be used as art to dress up a boring space or to obscure an unattractive interior. Used well, see-through window graphics are extremely striking and noticeable even from a distance. But how do they work? Read Full Article

How to choose the right paper for your brochure


Your company brochure is a window into your business and your brand. Whether its purpose is to show your products and services or to explain what you do, potential customers will make decisions on your business based on your brochure’s content, design, print quality and the paper on which it’s printed. So before your brochure is sent to your printer, think carefully about the paper. Poor print or the wrong paper choice will massively affect how your business is perceived, regardless of your brochure’s design and content. When choosing your paper there are two main things to consider: Read Full Article

Be inspired – 10 amazing poster designs to spark your creativity

poster designs The poster as we know it today dates back to the mid-19th century when lithography made mass print production possible. Today’s poster designers have all the technology at their fingertips to create stunning images, advertising everything from clubs and events to blockbuster movies. Of course, we don’t all have the huge budgets and timeframes enjoyed by movie poster designers. But you can draw from their ideas and techniques when creating new marketing for your own business or your customers. We’ve put together 10 top poster designs – some recent, some not so recent – that we think show great ideas and styles anyone can use as inspiration. Read Full Article

Why your business needs personalised letterheads

Blank Personalised Letterhead

You might think that in today’s business world, personalised letterheads are only used by large corporations or by companies who communicate mainly on paper rather than email. But that’s really not the case. Any serious business, large or small has its own letterheads. Why? Read on and find out how personalised letterheads are invaluable to your business even if you correspond digitally. Read Full Article

Our guide to essential printed business collateral

to essential printed business collateral

Got a small business?

Check our guide to the essential business collateral for small businesses.

In the modern business world digital marketing can be a great tool but it doesn’t replace the need for professional, printed collateral. When it comes to marketing that gets noticed and read, print still regularly out-performs online marketing. If you’re in business there are some pieces of printed marketing you really can’t afford to be without. Below we’ve listed some essential business collateral and why you need it. Read Full Article

Business cards of the rich and famous

early business cardYour business card is your most important piece of marketing when it comes to introducing yourself to potential new customers. That’s why anyone in business carries a card, even those whose name is so well known that they need little introduction. However, even the rich and famous use business cards and you might be surprised at how simple they often look.

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Get down to business with our convenient business starter kit



Starting a new business is always exciting. It’s also a big undertaking. There’s plenty to think about when you’re setting up and launching your new business. Costs can rise quickly but you still need to get your brand into the marketplace. Business stationery is perfect for that and includes the first items of print you’ll need. At we’ve made the process of ordering your stationery quick and easy with our convenient Business Starter Kit. Read Full Article

Choosing the right font for readability


Any designer knows that typography is an integral part of the overall design. With posters, leaflets and large format advertising, readability is vital if the message is to be effective. That’s why designers put a great deal of thought into the fonts they use for headlines, subheads and content.

Your choice of font can set the mood for a campaign but if headlines and text are not easy to read and understand instantly, no one will bother to try.

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