Christmas marketing tips for your business

christmas marketing tipsWhile it seems like only yesterday we were enjoying the summer (and we actually had one – what happened there?) Christmas is now well and truly upon us. If you’re in business that means there are more marketing and promotional opportunities than ever. We’ve listed a few ways you can really use the festive season to your advantage with great Christmas marketing ideas. Read Full Article

What are the different types of brochures?

A stack of magazinesThat’s a question certainly included in the “how long is a piece of string” category. However, for the purposes of a short informative blog, we’ll keep the answer to a few hundred words (we’re nice like that) and concentrate on the folded brochures often used in the world of marketing. Read Full Article

What is leaflet marketing?

Woman Hand Pushing Leaflets In Mail BoxLeaflet marketing can take many forms. When done properly using well designed, professionally printed leaflets it grows your brand and promotes your business or services. Bad leaflet marketing just annoys people and will do your business much more harm than good. If you want your leaflets to fall into the first category instead of into the recycling bin before they’re even read, check out our FAQs on leaflet marketing. Read Full Article

How to design a business card

business-cards-1If you’re in business or run your own company you need a business card. Even if your business is based online you’ll meet prospects and potential customers everywhere. Business cards are invaluable whatever your sector. Read Full Article

What is paper stock?

Closeup of the edge of open book pages

Paper is every bit as important as the design and the print quality and ink used on your printed job. Most people recognise good design but choosing the right paper can be a trickier prospect. Paper choice has an impact on your message and your company image as well as on the price of your print.

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Getting the most from your pop up banners

Roll Up Banner

A pop up banner is a great way to get your message out whatever your budget. If you haven’t thought of using pop up banners or if you’re looking for new and effective ways to promote your business anywhere and everywhere, pop up banners are the perfect solution.

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What is digital printing?

Digital Printing

The print industry has gone through huge changes over the last few decades and the arrival of digital printing has had a huge impact on cost, efficiency and quality. Much of the print we see today is printed digitally. But what’s the difference?

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How do I make great business flyers?

Flyer Design

It’s easy to create and make professional business flyers. Flyers are quick to produce and get great results for little cost. They’re also an extremely adaptable form of marketing. You can use flyers in direct mail campaigns or as handouts as well as displaying them on counters in shops, business premises, tables and in hotels or event venues.

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What does large format printing mean?

Large inkjet printer working multicolor on vinyl bannerLarge format printing is the process used to produce products that are too large for standard presses. Large format products include:

- Posters
- Roll up banner stands
- PVC vinyl banners
- Pop up stands
- Outdoor posters including Adshel/48 and 96 sheet billboard advertising
- Backlit graphics
- See-through window graphics

and anything other products that are, well… large! Read Full Article

Bound documents – Which one is right for you?

?????????????????????????????????????????????If you want to say more than is possible on a flyer or folded leaflet then you’ll need a bound booklet or document. Bound documents have many uses including: Brochures, Magazines, Catalogues, Paperback books, Reference books, Manuals and Reports. When it comes to brochure or book printing there’s a lot to consider including the type of paper you’ll use, the size of your booklet, and the best type of binding for your document.

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