Fool-proof guide to applying bleed

applying bleed to artworkEven experienced designers know how easy it is to overlook something before you send your job to print. Even a small oversight can lead to problems and applying the correct bleed is an important part of supplying artwork that will print exactly as you want it. Read Full Article

Top five exhibition marketing tips

exhibition marketingNot sure how to promote your business at an exhibition? No problem – here are our top five exhibition marketing tips

Exhibitions and trade events are great for your business. They’re filled with exactly the sort of people you can turn into customers. If you use an exhibition well it can really increase your sales, your reach and your business. For how best to promote your business at an exhibition read our top five tips and see how the right promotion can really make that exhibition work for you. Read Full Article

The art of a good restaurant menu

Cheerful couple with menu in a restaurant making orderA restaurant menu is much more than a printed price list of food. A good menu acts as a showcase for your brand and its layout can entice customers to buy your signature or most profitable dishes. Like any piece of marketing there’s a psychology behind menu design. Follow a few tried and tested rules and you’ll soon see the benefits with more customers and higher profits. Read Full Article

What is gsm and what’s the best choice for your print?

CMYK printing sheet color barsIf you’ve ever asked for a print quote you’ll know that you’re given options for everything from size, page count, finish and the gsm of your paper. Gsm stands for grams per square metre but is a good guide for thickness as well as weight. Letterheads will typically be around 100-120gsm, simply meaning that a square metre of the paper weighs 120 grams. Standard business cards are usually on 350 or 400gsm. Read Full Article

Six of the best postcard design tips

postcardsPostcards are highly effective, low-cost promotional tools that directly reach your target market and are proven to get a great return on investment. They get attention and can be designed and produced for specific promotions, as stand-alone advertising or as part of a wider marketing campaign. Read Full Article

Three forgotten stationery items your business needs

Business StationeryIn today’s business world we often pay invoices, issue receipts, make appointments and send all sorts of correspondence digitally. Most successful businesses combine digital and printed marketing. The same can be said for stationery. Even if you correspond digitally it still pays to have certain stationery items at hand. Some business stationery items are more obvious than others. Some are often forgotten but used correctly can really help to build lucrative relationships and increase your sales. Read Full Article

Bound brochures – choose the one that’s right for you

bound-brochuresWe look at the different types and help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Bound brochures and booklets are valuable and highly flexible pieces of marketing. If you’re looking for a book or document of between eight and 700 printed pages you’ll need a bound brochure. The type of binding you choose will usually depend on both the size and purpose of your publication. Read Full Article

Promote your small business with poster power

promote-with-postersThe ins and outs of poster advertising – what you need to know…

Posters are the oldest form of marketing. That they’re still one of the main forms of advertising today shows just how effective they are. Posters work and if you’re a small business or startup there are few better ways to get your message into the marketplace effectively. So, why is poster advertising so effective? Read Full Article

The advantages of using luxury paper for your online printing

luxury-papers-printingPrint quality and paper quality are the two elements your printer needs to get exactly right if you printed job is to look professional. Poor print and cheap looking flimsy paper will give potential customers an extremely poor impression of your business. At we use only premium grade paper whether you choose uncoated, silk or gloss. We also stock a stunning range of luxury papers. Read Full Article

Create the perfect folded leaflet

Folded Leaflets

Marketing trends may come and go but folded leaflets remain among the most popular pieces of printed marketing. Use folded leaflets to advertise products, detail your services or tell your company story as well as for menus, to grow brand awareness or just to introduce your business. There are so many sizes and styles of folded leaflets available today you can say as much or as little as you like. However, you’re not the only business out there advertising with a folded leaflet. To ensure your leaflet rises above the rest and gets you noticed there are a few invaluable tips you should follow. Read Full Article