Six of the best ways to use stickers for your business

Six of the best ways to use stickers for your business
Custom Stickers

Stickers may not be a new idea but they’ve enjoyed a resurgence in the world of marketing. Why? Well, not only are custom stickers great value for money but they can go anywhere and that makes for extremely effective advertising!

How can I use stickers for my business?
One of the best things about stickers is their flexibility. Businesses and marketers use branded stickers in many different ways. Here are our six of the best:

1. On your packaging

Sending a package? Use a customised address label or brand the packaging with a sticker. Envelopes are also perfect places for branded stickers. Make sure anyone who receives a product or any correspondence from your business sees your brand even before they open the package.

2. Updating existing print

You’ve just printed your new catalogue or brochure but a supplier has changed their prices. Or maybe a product is suddenly out of stock. Or maybe (even though you checked it, double -checked it, then checked it again) you’ve just discovered a typo! A sticker will save you money on a costly reprint.

3. Special offers

Use stickers on product packaging or leaflets to advertise a special offer, free gift or limited time deal. Stickers are great for adding value to existing products.

4. Warning

In industry and manufacturing, the workplace can be a dangerous place for visitors or employees. Stickers are commonly used to warn of hazards and dangerous areas. So if you’re going to warn visitors with a sticker make sure they see your brand every time they see the warning.

5. Free gifts

Send stickers as free gifts with products, receipts, compliment slips or brochures. Everyone loves free stuff and if you get clever and creative with your sticker design your brand could end up on desks, monitors, books or anywhere in the workplace. Your sticker might even be given to the recipients’ children. All kids love stickers so the parents win brownie points and you could win a grateful new customer.

6. Guerrilla marketing

We’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth repeating: Stickers can go anywhere. Windows, doors, walls, mirrors – there really is no limit. Obviously, if you don’t own the window, door, wall or mirror you could find yourself in a very different type of sticky situation (see what we did there?) so think before you stick.

So where can stickers for my business?

We’re extremely glad you asked! supply a huge range of stickers to our customers. Sizes start at 25mm diameter and go right up to A3 so whether you’re subtly covering an old price or blatantly warning ”KEEP OUT” will have a sticky something to suit your needs. To see how we can help with custom stickers for your business or to get prices and order online visit or contact our expert print team today.


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