Finding the balance between print and digital marketing

Finding the balance between print and digital marketing

Print MarketingThere’s no doubt that web, social media, interactive, video and mobile marketing can be important elements in today’s marketing mix. But it would be a huge mistake to think that your marketing stops with digital activity. Most small businesses still depend on more traditional printed marketing material to reach both new and existing customers.

Find the right balance for your business
When it comes to finding the right balance of digital and print marketing, think more about your customers than your business. What do they do? Where do they go? How do they buy? Only when you understand your customers’ habits, can you identify the best use of both print and digital media.

Combine your media for best results
Successful marketing campaigns use a range of different media. Printed and online marketing work very well together and your results will be better when you combine the two in an integrated marketing campaign. Don’t differentiate between online and print marketing. In the same way that printed postcards or stickers can direct potential customers to brochures, your print marketing can drive traffic to your website or social media pages. Many of the leaflets, stickers, booklets and even posters we supply to customers now include QR codes that blink directly to online pages. Some businesses use teaser campaigns that give little away other than a web address or Facebook page. Similarly, many websites suggest their users order a catalogue or brochure. Even in today’s digital age, many people prefer to read printed material than online. Best results are always achieved when all print and online media are coordinated in an integrated campaign.

Research to save money
Before you embark on your marketing programme, research how best to reach your target audience. Don’t waste money on marketing that won’t get seen by the people you want to buy. Good research will see your mail drop, poster or leaflet campaigns reach your potential customers and you’ll benefit from the results.

Think of your overall campaign objectives
Decide on the objectives before you start your campaign. Any marketing campaign is much more likely to be a success if clear goals are identified at the outset. Your objectives will determine the timing of your campaign and what sort of media you use. For example, we often print 48 sheet billboard posters for customers who want to grow awareness of their brand among the general public. More targeted promotions might rely more heavily on leaflets or stickers.

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