Saddle stitched or perfect bound book printing.

Saddle stitched or perfect bound book printing.

PUR BindingWho’s winning the battle?

Now that your newly designed book, brochure or booklet is ready for print it’s time to consider your binding and paper options. At we’ve been printing books and multi-page documents for over 20 years. Both perfect bound books and saddle stitched documents are very popular with our customers, but which is best for you?

What’s the difference between perfect bound printing and saddle stitched printing?

With perfect bound book printing the pages are stacked and squared off before being bonded together along the spine with strong, flexible PUR adhesive. The cover is then wrapped around and also glues to the spine.

Saddle stitched book printing is where the spreads are stacked, folded along the middle and then stapled along the fold.

What’s best? Perfect bound book printing or saddle stitched?

That depends on a couple of important factors:

• Page count

We’ll print saddle stitched booklets up to 64 pages depending on the paper thickness you choose. If you choose very thick paper for the inner pages your maximum page count may be less, but you’ll find this out at the quoting process. If your book has more then 64 pages, choose perfect bound. Perfect bound book printing allows you to print books or documents from 40 up to 700 pages, more than enough for even a future best selling novel. If your document is less than 40 printed pages, stick with saddle stitched.

• The purpose of your book

Customers often use saddle stitched for booklets, thinner magazines, catalogues and company brochures. Because the spreads open flat your design can go across two pages and that can be really handy for larger graphics. 

Perfect bound book printing is great for thicker magazines, reports, books and brochures. With perfect bound we also print on the spine, so the title can be seen when the books are stacked or on shelves with the spines facing outwards.

Whatever you choose, you can have your book printed on anything from our extensive paper range including our luxury collection. Your book can be A6, 1/3 A4, A5, A4 and 210mm x 210mm. There are portrait and landscape formats too. The high page count made possible with perfect bound book printing by makes it an extremely popular choice among our customers right across Ireland.

For more information on perfect bound book printing or for advice on binding and print, check the support section of our website or contact our customer service team. We offer a full and comprehensive online printing service. You’ll also see the full range of products we supply from business cards and booklets right up to 96 sheet outdoor advertising posters. To find out more or to order your printed brochures and books today, simply visit today.

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