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  • What is the difference between pages and leaves?

    A leaf is a sheet of paper and a page is typically a side of paper, So a leaf of paper could be two printed pages (2pp) if double sided or just one printed page (1pp) if single sided. 

  • What is Bleed?

    What is Bleed for Print

    Ink that prints beyond the trim edge of the page to ensure it extends to the edge of the page after trimming. As there is a degree of movement when printing on any press, you should always create 3mm bleed on all edges where bleed is needed. Supplying your job without bleed may result in white lines when we trim it.

  • What is the difference between CMYK and RGB?

    CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black - the inks our Indigo digital presses mix together to make colours on your printed job.

    RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue - the colours of light a computer screen mixes together to make colours on your screen.

  • What does resolution and DPI mean?

    All images should be 300 dpi.  DPI is the amount of ink dots per inch; 300 dots per inch is the required standard for printed material. Anything below 200 dpi may not be good enough resolution for printing.

  • I’m not sure if my artwork is correct, what should I do?

    That’s why we are here. If you are in any doubt or have any questions please contact us and we will be delighted to help you. Or, choose to email your artwrok when ordering and tell us in the email what you are unsure about and we will check it out for you. 
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    Perfect Bound Books

    How do I supply my artwork?

    Please provide a pdf with of the inside pages in the correct running order including blank pages where needed. (Supply the cover separately if possible, e.g. upload 2 pdfs, one for the cover and one for the inside pages.)

    My cover has a printed spine, can I supply the cover with my spine include?

    Yes, it is possible to design your cover separately to include a printed spine.  You can supply this as a fully imposed cover including the spine or as a multi page pdf.

    Do I need bleed and crop marks on my artwork?

    Yes, this is very important when producing books.  Please give us at least 3mm bleed.

    Do I need to adhere to certain margins when designing my book?

    Yes. The cover is fixed to the spine and up to 7mm on the side of the book.  With this in mind we recommend that you use a margin of 12mm on the spine side of your inside pages to give you a 5mm gap from the edge of your text to the spine of the book when bound.

    Do I need to supply fonts?

    If you supply us with a print ready pdf then the fonts should be embedded.  We might need the fonts when supplying files in other formats.

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