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What our Customers Say

  • Leaflet Flyer 1/3 A4


    Charles C.

    Superb And Fast turnaround

  • Sticker PCL3-25


    Vicky Mc C.

    Thanks a million for my stickers the turn around from order to delivery was so quick Will defo be ordering again Thanks a million Vicky Topaz Twirlers

  • Roll Up Stand - Platinum 800


    Cristina C.

    Overall fantastic service, very supportive team, quick and good quality

  • Sticker PCL3-2551


    VJ F.

    Have ordered booklets, product labels and address labels and have been happy with service and the quality of the product each time. Wouldn't hesitate to use again and likely will!

  • Sticker PCL3-7651


    Garret C.

    Fast delivery of goods as described at a reasonable price.

  • Sticker PCL3-51


    Deirdre K.

    Very satisfied with the product received. Will definitely order again.

  • Leaflet Flyer A7


    Daniel H.

    Digital Printing's site is easy the most user friendly printing site that I have encountered. Not only this but they offer a wide range of choices and what I love most is the Instant Quotes! This provided my company with the efficiency and speed with regards to purchasing promotional flyers. One thing I think should be added is the possibility of learning more about the weight of the paper used as I chose a random one and ended up with quite light flyers.

  • Sticker PCL3-3737


    Ian S.

    Job was return address labels. Address nicely fitted to label. The job promptly executed. Delivery was quick and the delivery man polite and helpful.

  • Roll Up Stand - Platinum 800


    Martin K.

    Quick delivery, good price and nicely packaged banner stand. Will definitely order again.

  • Leaflet Flyer A5


    Glyn D.

    Absolutely great service and prompt delivery! Great value without compromising on quality. ...you get my vote!!

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