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What our Customers Say

  • Saddle Stitched Book A5


    Carl G.

    great service and very well priced. not to mention a small bag of haribo!!!

  • Postcard A6


    Conor H.

    Excellent quality. Very fast turnaround.

  • Folded Leaflet, A4 Flat


    Jackie O.

    Perfect! Efficient , reliable, great quality and speedy! Our flyers looks great

  • Sticker PCL3-37


    Denisa S.

    Perfect customer service, user friendly website and ordering process and excellent quality products with fast turnaround time. Couldn't be happier, thank you!

  • Folded Leaflet, A4 Flat


    Eilish W.

    So easy, so helpful, so fast and so reliable!

  • Sticker PCL3-51


    Gregory H.

    All the planning and bureaucracy was painless or non-existing - that made the process fast and easy. I really liked the easy interface and an instant quote.

  • Leaflet Flyer 1/3 A4


    Olivier F.

    I have used DigitalPrinting several times, and it is just what you expect. High quality prints with rich and vivid colours, delivered on time right to your door. Definitely my favourite online printing company, way better than VistaPrint.

  • Perfect Bound Book A4


    Sivanandakumar S.

    It was a good experience. Prompt communication, prompt delivery. I would recommend Digitalprinting Ireland.

  • Sticker Label A7


    Sabine L.

    My product labels turned out great, love them!!

  • Wiro Bound A5


    Tony C.

    Outstanding service as always. I was a bit confused ordering a wiro bound book (my own doing) I got the number of pages wrong and too my delight when I opened my order there was two books in the box as the amount I paid did not match the number of pages I uploaded. Fair play to DPI created two books for me and I was only expecting one. Great customer service team too. A+

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