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What our Customers Say

  • Leaflet Flyer 1/3 A4


    Pierfrancesco B.

    "I suggest to implement an automatic check of the files"

  • Roll Up Stand - Gold 800


    Kelli M.

    "Excellent service and product - delivered extremely quickly and in perfect condition. Well done! "

  • Business Cards 85x55


    Adam O.

    "Very goood quality of print for my business cards. Flexible approach - by mistake I prepared artwork in slightly different size, but was no problem to have them cut to custom format."

  • Roll Up Stand - Gold 800


    Paul H.

    "Very fast and efficient service."

  • Leaflet Flyer A6


    Philip E.

    "I was over the moon with my order. I ordered 1000 leaflets and the quality was superb and delivered on time. Only thing I would suggest is an email the morning of dispatch saying \"Your order has been dispatched\" and an ETA"

  • Saddle Stitched Book A5


    Ian S.

    "I have made two orders recently. They were both printed, packaged and returned to me fine. One small problem on the first order the delivery was later than the estimated date. From the tracking information it was not clear that the package would not be delivered on the estimated date. Therefore I waited for the delivery all day unnecessarily. "

  • Indoor Poster A2


    Scott M.

    "Couldn't be happier with the incredible service. Immaculate quality and extra products added to my order along with a bag of Haribo. :) Thank you Digital Printing Team."

  • Roll Up Stand - Gold 800


    Nina G.

    "Excellent turn around time. "

  • Sticker PCL3-64


    Conor M.

    "Very good quality. Quick shipping and well priced products "

  • Luxury Business Cards 85x55


    LA L.

    "I love the quality, look and feel of my new Business card which I designed using template guidelines. Staff were extremely helpful ensuring that my design fit correctly and any issues which I may have could be addressed."

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