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Customer Reviews for Saddle Stitched Booklets

  • Carmel O.

    "The service was fast and very efficient. Also my products were of excellent quality "

  • David O.

    "Such an easy to use and cost effective service. Also the team are very helpful and I have to say this is the best printing service I have ever used!\r\nWill recommend to everyone!\r\nthank you DigitalPrintingIreland!"

  • Helena M.

    "Good quality work, very fast handling and delivery!"

  • Anne-Louise L.

    "Very happy with overall experience and quality of leaflets I ordered. There was a little glitch (my fault) and was contacted twice by real people who did a fantastic job at accommodating my demands. No my first time ordering, always happy with product and service. Will be back! Thank you! "

  • Brian F.

    "The recommendation for your most popular printed A4 booklet was a great guide to work off for someone who had never used a printing service before. I had left a blank page in the version I sent off but it was spotted by Jonathan Boyd of the Prepress Team, he then emailed me to see if I was aware of the error. This allowed me to correct it before it going to print, really appreciate that level of care and consideration, he could easily have taken my version, printed it and charged me, thanks Jonathan."

  • Jean C.

    "Easy ordering, fast, efficient, good quality and economical printing. Would recommend"

  • Aoife M.

    "Super quality at afforable prices, delivered in no time!"

  • Adrienne D.

    We ordered brochures from the online system, they were delivered in a few days. The quality is excellent.

  • Tracy S.

    Fantastic customer care and quick turn around. Great quailty print and paper

  • Elaine T.

    "Exactly what I wanted"

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