The perfect time to spiral bind

The perfect time to spiral bind

Three times to use spiral binding instead of staple binding.
Spiral binding IrelandSpiral bound, perfect bound and staple bound are the three types of binding we offer our customers. They’re three great choices and each has its own advantages. Staple binding is one of the most popular methods but more and more of our customers at are asking about spiral binding. Spiral bound books certainly have properties that make them an ideal choice for a range of uses.

Here are three occasions when spiral binding could be better than staple binding for your printed document:

When printing reference books
Spiral binding, often called wiro binding, is where the leaves of your document are stacked, squared off and hole punched along the rear edge. Then a black metal wire is fed through the holes to bind all the leaves together. Spiral binding has one unique advantage over other binding methods in that the pages will lie totally flat without the need to be held open. That makes them perfect for reference books, recipe books or manuals because the reader can use both hands for their task without having to hold open the book. The pages of your spiral bound book also fold completely back around, so your document will lie flat even when folded back on itself.

When you need up to 360 printed pages.
With staple binding you can have a maximum of 64 printed pages. However, your spiral bound book can go right up to 180 leaves. Of course we’ll print each page on both sides so 180 leaves will give you 360 printed pages and whether you need to see page 30 or 300, your spiral bound book will open neatly and stay open easily.

When you need to go large
Your spiral bound book can be in one of five sizes in portrait, landscape or square formats and you can go up to a whopping A3 size. No other binding gives you an A3 page size and that makes spiral binding the perfect choice for any document where you need to include extra large drawings or diagrams. Many art and design portfolios or presentation documents are also printed on A3 spiral bound books.

Of course your spiral bound books will be printed using our top of the range HP Indigo presses and you can choose from our full range of premium and luxury papers so your document will look and feel superb. Find the full range of choices on our easy to use website.

At we supply booklets, brochures and other bound documents to a wide range of customers. We offer spiral binding as well as perfect bound books and stapled (or saddle stitched) booklets. There’s a huge range of sizes, paper types and finishes. You can get instant quotes, upload artwork, order your print and arrange delivery online. We also supply a full, extensive range of printed marketing and large format print products. To see our full range and find out more or to order your spiral bound document simply visit or contact our experienced print team today.


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