Wedding Stationery FAQs

Wedding Stationery FAQs

wedding planningIf this is your first foray into organising a wedding, then this post is for you. Wedding stationery can be a severe headache for spouses-to-be. What to get; when to send; how many to order… it can all get a little overwhelming. In this post, answers the top wedding stationery FAQs to make planning your special day that little bit easier.

1. What wedding stationery do I need?

What wedding stationery you choose to provide your guests with is completely down to you. There is no right or wrong answer; however, at, we believe that wedding invitations are a must.

2. Are there any wedding stationery design guidelines?

The design of your wedding stationery should be consistent with the overall theme of your event. For example, for formal affairs, the use of a muted colour palette and beautiful calligraphy would be advised. For more informal, laidback affairs, you have the freedom to go wild on your design.

3. Should I send save the date cards?

Although save the date cards are not essential, they are certainly preferable. Why? Because after having gone through the hassle of setting the date, booking the venue and organising entertainment, the last thing you want is for half your friends and family to be off on their pre-booked holidays!

4. When should I send my wedding invitations?

There is no hard and fast rule for when to send wedding invitations, but it’s imperative that you don’t leave it too late to avoid issues as mentioned before. We recommend sending wedding invitations around 3 months for the big day is set to take place.

5. How many wedding invitations should I order?

After having locked in your invite list, you’ll need one invitation per couple, family or guest. But as the old adage goes: nothing ever goes to plan. Therefore, we recommend ordering between 10-20% extra in order to cope with any unexpected guest list changes.

6. Do I need RSVP cards?

Your guests will appreciate the extra effort you have gone through to supply an RSVP card; plus, it will incentivise them to get back to you in a short amount of time.

7. What wording should I use on my wedding stationery?

Your wedding stationery should be written in your own tone of voice. What’s more, it’s preferable to add a personal touch in order to delight your friends and family.

8. Is there any other wedding stationery that I should consider?

At, on top of what’s previously mentioned, we offer order of service booklets, thank you cards, belly bands, place names, wedding stickers, table plans, table names and table talkers.

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