Top tips for wedding menu printing

Top tips for wedding menu printing
Wedding menu printing

Is your big day on the horizon? Have you yet to craft your wedding menu? Don’t worry, are here to help. In this post, we provide our top tips for wedding menu printing. Beautiful food deserves a beautiful introduction, and you can rest assured that you’ll have stomachs grumbling if you follow these design guidelines!

How to plan a wedding menu

Before even thinking about wedding menu printing, you must take the time to carefully plan out how you want the meal to go. Listed below are some helpful tips on wedding menu planning.

  • Plan early – As the old saying goes, nothing ever goes to plan. Therefore, we recommend that you begin to plan our wedding menu at least 12 months before the big day.
  • Be accommodating – Remember that you’re playing hosts for the evening. As such, considerations, such as dietary restrictions and allergies, must be taken.
  • Be seasonal – To ensure top quality food, we recommend crafting an in-season wedding menu according to the time of year.

How to design a wedding menu

Now, let’s focus on wedding menu printing. Listed below are our top wedding menu design tips to ensure the perfect end product.

  • Focus on layout – Effective use of sections will designate the dishes available for each course and enable your guests to easily scan over your wedding menus.
  • Be consistent – We suggest designing your menus in such a way that is consistent with the theme of your wedding throughout the service, reception and dinner.
  • Consider typography – Your wedding menus must be reader-friendly. Stick to a simple-yet-elegant font that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read.
  • Use images sparingly – Images of food take away from the overall professionalism of wedding menus. Leave the quality of the food up to your guest’s imagination.

How to write a wedding menu

Quality content is a critical aspect of wedding menu printing. See below some helpful tips and ticks.

  • Be creative – Use of beautiful, descriptive language is the best way to get your guests’ tastebuds tingling.
  • Add personal touches – The odd personal reference, perhaps about you and your partner or a member of your guests, is a great way add a sense of lightheartedness and informality to your wedding menu.
  • Leave them wanting more – Intentionally leave out some key information in your menu, such cooking methods, to add an element of mystery and enhance the overall dining experience.
  • Highlight allergens and vegetarian/vegan options – Ensure the safety of your guests by displaying all allergens. Furthermore, describe which dishes are suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans.

Wedding menu printing at

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