The ultimate guide to making a calendar

The ultimate guide to making a calendar

making a calendarTake a stroll through any shopping area in Ireland and you’re sure to see shops and stalls selling calendars based on everything from music and television shows to animals and actors. Most homes or business have calendars sitting or hanging somewhere and that makes custom calendars the perfect promotional gifts for your customers, especially at this time of year.

Why create a promotional calendar?

Everybody uses calendars even in today’s world of online or phone diaries. If you’re in business you’ll always be looking for new ways to grow your brand – and your sales. Calendars are perfect because they promote your business and they’re useful. It doesn’t matter what you do. Custom calendars are widely used as marketing by all sorts of businesses including:

  • Retailers
  • Charities
  • Marketers and creatives
  • Service industries
  • Education organisations
  • Sole traders
  • Churches
  • Photographers

Why are they so popular? Simple! Calendars promote your business all year round and can be printed to suit any budget.

How do I make a calendar?

Your calendar might be a wiro bound wall or desk calendar with a page per month or come as a flat poster or sheet with one or two sides. For a page a day choose a perfect bound calendar where people can tear off each page as the date passes. You might use a folded leaflet or choose a calendar in the form of a folded card that sits on a desk. Some businesses use the cover or a page of a booklet or brochure. You can have your calendar your way.

What should I put on a calendar?

Your logo and branding is a must as are contact details. If you’re going for a large photographic calendar you can use striking, funny or dramatic images. (If you do use photos make sure they’re 300 dpi at the size they’ll appear). You can highlight a particular product or service on each page or have a different saying, joke or quiz question for each day or month.

Highlight important dates

Highlight dates that are relevant to your business. Add details of events and trade shows, promotions or sales. If you’re a charity include events you support like fun runs or concerts. If you’re in hospitality or supplying that sector include key dates like St Patrick’s Day and other holidays. Make your calendar as useful to the end user as possible.

Make a date with Ireland’s leading printer

Whether you decide on a flat or bound calendar are here to help you get the best results. Our print quality and prices are guaranteed to be the best you’ll find online and we’re based right here in Ireland so you’ll get your calendars delivered where and when you need them, even the next day. To get prices or more information on how to boost your business with a 2019 calendar contact or contact us today.

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