Top design trends for 2018

Top design trends for 2018
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Some graphic design styles and trends appear only briefly and then disappear. Others evolve and change alongside popular culture. One thing’s for certain; in any creative industry it pays to know what’s hot and what’s not or you can quickly be left behind for the new kid on the block.
We’ve taken a look at some of the design trends that are already on the hot list for 2018.

Ruin your image

Ripping, scratching, splattering, breaking and even smudging an image might seem like a strange concept. However, it’s certainly not a new one and it’s back in vogue for 2018. Done well it can create very striking imagery for your designs.


Play with colours and colour channels

Another technique that’s hardly new, but already big this year. You can create great effects and illusions by mixing different colour channels. Great effects can also be used overlapping two different monochrome images to create double exposure effects.


Double your light

Doubling up on light sources can give more edge to your image, especially if you use different colours or tones for each source.


Photos and illustrations combined

Nothing can lend originality to a design like a bespoke illustration. This trend creates imagery showing illustrations placed over photos, giving the originals a completely different look. If you or your clients find some photos too bland for your design, this technique can give them an edgy new feel.


Bright is beautiful

Bright, brash and in your face, bright colour combinations are in this year. Used with 3D and photographic elements, bright and loud is a big graphic design trend in 2018.



The humble ‘grad’ has had a makeover. Many images use striking, colourful gradients with bright hues rather the flat solids that have been popular in recent years. While some web designers still prefer flat colours for on screen clarity and a better user experience, modern digital print quality allows you to really go for it with gradients.


Typography is still top

Designers are always thinking of new ways to use typography. Last year we saw some stunning designs using cropped typography that cut away parts of letters while retaining their readability and the technique looks set to grow in popularity this year. Chaotic use of type where the layout and size of letters is non-uniform or unconventional is also a big trend for 2018, as is using clever combinations of typography and real life elements.


Give it some space

Designers have always known that space is hugely effective and 2018 will see this idea used in original and new ways. Even self-professed footballing genius, Zlatan Ibrohimavic has signed up to the technique. Joining US side LA Galaxy last week in a megabucks deal, the not-so-shy shy superstar announced his arrival with a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times. The page is blank apart from the club badge and his signature at the bottom. At the top; “Dear Los Angeles, You’re Welcome.”
Arrogant? Yes. Effective? Very. (Do we wish he were Irish? Absolutely!)


Of course, we’re not suggesting that you copy other designers’ techniques or styles, but we hope that knowing what’s trending in 2018 will help you create modern, eye-catching print that your clients will love.

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