Tips for applying self-adhesive vinyl

Tips for applying self-adhesive vinyl

Cutting plotterSelf-adhesive vinyl graphics and posters are perfect for use on walls, hoardings, windows or any smooth surface inside or outdoors. Vinyl sticker printing is more affordable than ever and the gloss finish really brings out your colours and images. You can have permanent or removable adhesive backing and custom vinyl sticker printing is extremely effective in promoting your business or growing your brand. There are a few questions customers often ask us about applying self-adhesive vinyl and our tips below should answer most of them for you.

Where can I stick my self-adhesive vinyl?

Vinyl stickers are perfect for any smooth surface such as:

  • Advertising hoardings
  • Windows or glass
  • Internal and exterior walls
  • Doors

Can I apply self-adhesive vinyl myself?

You can easily apply self-adhesive vinyl yourself or with a colleague if you follow a few simple rules. Vinyl stickers up to around A4 size can be applied by one person but with larger sizes, it’s easier to work as a team.

Do I need any tools to apply vinyl stickers?

A few simple items will make application easy. Before you start make sure you have:

  • A damp cloth or methylated spirits
  • A spray bottle for water or diluted cleaning fluid
  • A squeegee, like those used for sign application or window cleaning. If you haven’t got one you can use a credit card or similar
  • A scalpel or sharp craft knife if you need to trim to shape or the edge of your chosen surface
  • A needle or pin

How do I apply self-adhesive vinyl?

  • Small vinyl stickers (up to 20 cm2)

First, clean the surface thoroughly with a damp cloth, cleaning fluid or methylated spirits. When the surface is clean and dry remove the backing from your vinyl sticker and carefully press into position with the tips of your fingers. Then smoothly apply the vinyl using your squeegee or card. Puncture any small air bubbles and press down to remove any small lumps.

  • Medium vinyl (up to approx. A2)

Once you’ve cleaned and dried the surface, peel back around 4-5 cm of the backing and fold it back. Press the exposed adhesive vinyl into position, then remove the rest of the backing slowly while pressing it firmly to the surface using your squeegee. Press out or puncture any air bubbles as you go.

  • Large self-adhesive vinyl (over A2)

Clean the surface with water or diluted detergent but leave it damp. This will stop the vinyl sticking too firmly and make it easier to position it correctly. Smooth the vinyl onto the surface with your squeegee using long, even strokes. Remove bubbles as you go and have a colleague help hold the vinyl steady as you work. When the vinyl is firmly in position dry the surface. With this method, the vinyl will take longer to completely adhere to the surface so check and firmly smooth with a squeegee or cloth every few hours until it’s stuck fast.

At we offer self-adhesive posters, vinyl stickers and see-through window graphics in a huge range of sizes. There are 10 sizes of self-adhesive vinyl posters from A4 to 40”x60” in both portrait and landscape formats. Customers use vinyl sticker printing to advertise on shop or business windows, walls and advertising hoardings. You can get quotes, upload artwork and order your self-adhesive vinyl online. To find out more about how vinyl sticker printing can get you noticed or to get started with your own custom vinyl stickers, simply visit us a contact our business print team today.

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