Three reasons you should use backlit graphics

Three reasons you should use backlit graphics

billboard advertising Black Friday and discounts in middle largeAll signs or posters have the same purpose – to get your attention. Signage and poster advertising really works. That’s why we see so much of it and why marketers and advertisers are always coming up with new ways to have their message stand out from its surroundings. One sure way to get your message or brand seen and noticed is with backlit graphics. Here are three very good reasons why you should consider this superb form of marketing.

  • Backlit graphics jump out from their environment

The human brain is constantly exposed to and bombarded by all sorts of stimuli. The hypothalamus – the part of the brain responsible for prioritising these stimuli – filters the information so that only a small amount is processed. Light or anything jarring with our environment disrupts the process and is therefore much more likely to get through to our conscious minds. Or to put it much more simply, a backlit sign will always be noticed even if surrounded by a sea of other advertising.

  • Backlit graphics are eye-catching and effective – 24/7

While more people might be out and about during the daytime, great marketing opportunities present themselves when the lights go out. Any poster or sign is only effective if it’s clearly visible so any outdoor advertising without its own light source (the vast majority) suffers at night time. Backlit advertising never takes a break, in fact, it’s even more noticeable in the dark. So, on roads or in residential areas as well as in town centres and where nightlife gathers, your backlit graphic will really shine out from the dark.

  • Light affects our emotions

The brain receives 80% of all sensory information through our eyes. The advertising industry is based on triggering certain emotions in people to turn them into customers. Many studies have looked at how both colour and light affect our mood with research carried out by the University of Toronto suggests that bright light intensifies all human emotion. The light from backlit graphics not only enriches colours and images but also enhances the brain’s perception of what we’re seeing.

Get noticed – enter the world of backlit graphics

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