Five reasons why you should never underestimate the power of POS marketing

Five reasons why you should never underestimate the power of POS marketing
POS Advertising

Point of sale marketing isn’t anything new. In fact, it’s been around for longer than most forms of advertising. If you think POS is old hat or that digital campaigns are the only way to go, then you’re missing out on one of the most proven and cost-effective forms of marketing there is.
We’ve listed five good reasons you should embrace the world of POS.

1. POS works

According to research, 75% of buying decisions are made in-store. Outdoor advertising, online marketing and other media might bring people into shops and businesses, but it’s only when they’re inside that they’ll make decisions to buy. They may come for a particular product but shoppers usually browse too and a well-placed offer or new product advertisement can influence how and when they spend.

2. POS can be measured

Retailers can track buying trends against promotions. If you have a new POS display in place for two weeks you can easily measure how it affected sales of a particular product during that time. That’s exactly the kind of data collection that can really increase sales in certain areas.

3. Good POS enhances the shoppers’ experience – and keeps them in-store longer

Well-designed POS helps break up a shopper’s journey around the store. Anything that stands out from its environment will get noticed and can interrupt the customer’s intended course. Good, well-positioned POS encourages shoppers to make purchases they hadn’t previously considered so get creative and see how effective your POS can be.

4. POS strengthens brands

POS advertising is extremely effective at growing brand awareness and building trust in brands or products. A clear message helps the customer make decisions they think are best for them and if the POS is designed to work in tandem with other campaigns like outdoor advertising or direct mail the credibility of the brand or product advertised will be strengthened even more.

5. POS allows you to be quick to react

The weather, your competitors’ activity and even a big news story or event can affect what people want to buy. POS allows you to react at short notice to a sudden hot spell, new fad or offers from a competitor. With POS you can always make your marketing relevant to your target market and that’s a real advantage in these competitive times.

Ready to go with new POS?

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