What makes the best pull up banner designs?

What makes the best pull up banner designs?
What Makes The Best Pull Up Banner Designs

Pull up banners go by many names: roll up banners, roller banners, roll up banner stands – the list goes on. Although most of us know that they’re used for advertising businesses, products or events at trade shows, exhibitions and the like, many will still be in the dark in terms of the design best practices for pull up banners. Therefore, in this post, DigitalPrintingIreland.ie lays out exactly what makes the best pull up banner designs. Be sure to stick to these guidelines to get the most out of your pull up banners in the future!

What is a pull up banner?

Apart from promoting businesses, products or events, pull up banners can also be used as an effective POS tool within retail premises, highlighting any current or upcoming special offers. Effective pull up banners foster brand awareness and garner attention by catching the eye of potential customers and clients as they walk by.

How to design an effective pull up banner

Location, location, location

Pull up banner placement is key to attracting attention from your target audience. After having conducted some persona research, you will gain a better understanding of where your target market members are likely to conjugate. And with this tacit knowledge, you can strategically place your pull up banner in a location in which potential customers will come into contact with it on multiple occasions, thus providing ongoing brand exposure.

Brand-centric design

A pull up banner is an extension of your business, product or event. Therefore, it is recommended to design in such a way that is homogenous with your overall branding. A consistent brand experience builds trust and increases the likelihood of leads. Crucially, you must ensure that your logo and core message is situated at the top of the pull up banner to further reinforce your brand and that your contact information is clearly displayed.

Vibrant colours, sharp imagery and clear text

As mentioned, you want your pull up banners to stand out. But creating a pull up banner with a dull and boring colour scheme is a surefire way to throw away any potential interest in your business, product or event. Effective use of colour, in line with your logo, will add a sense of vibrancy to your pull up banner, thus showing your brand in the best possible light.

Pixelated images will negatively affect your brand’s reputation. DigitalPrintingIreland.ie recommend that images should be at least 300dpi in CYMK format ready for print, as opposed to low-quality RGB images plucked from the internet.

When adding text to pull up banners, ensure that it is laid out in either a left-to-right or top-to-bottom format. Further, make effective use of spacing to avoid any heavy sections of text that become an eyesore on the banner.

DigitalPrintingIreland.ie use industry-leading HP Indigo Digital Presses to print pull up banners. This means that high-resolution imagery and bold colours are assured. Pull up banners are available in a variety of sizes at www.DigitalPrintingIreland.ie with speedy all-Ireland delivery to Dublin and beyond.

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