Say it with a thank-you card – and grow your business!

Say it with a thank-you card – and grow your business!

So your customer has bought and paid for their product or service. All the paper work has been completed and filed. And that’s that, right? Wrong! If your invoice or receipt is your last correspondence in a transaction, you’re missing one of your finest opportunities to form a lasting relationship, build customer loyalty and ultimately ensure more business. Send a thank-you card!

Thank You Cards

Thank-you cards really work – and that’s science!
Psychological research shows that our brains remember the beginning and end of a transaction more than any other part. A simple thank-you card can have a lasting effect on how a customer views your company. Giving a customer a positive, memorable end to your transaction, leaves them feeling that their business mattered to you and that you genuinely care about their custom. Personal connections like this build trust and people are more likely to buy and interact with those they trust. Customers who feel that you truly value their business are likely to return again and again.

Make it personal
Don’t just send a generic thank-you card and assume your work is done. Write a note in your own hand. This shows your customer that you value their business and haven’t just sent out identical cards to hundreds of nameless clients. Many of our customers take advantage of the fact that we require no minimum order for their printed marketing and that includes thank-you cards. This means that not only can you personalise your card with a hand-written note, you can customise the print it for its recipient. Then they’ll know you were really thinking about them alone when you sent it. It helps to mention the nature of the transaction as well. “Thank-you” or even “Thank you for the business” could be written for anyone. Make sure your customer knows you appreciate their particular transaction.

DON’T try to sell – just say thanks
People know when they’re being sold to, so just say thanks. Don’t include leaflets or even a business card; they’ll transform your thank-you card from a lasting, personal gesture, into a sales device. That will undo all your good work.

A thank-you card is worth a thousand emails
These days we’re so swamped with e-cards and online messages, their impact is lost. But when you open an envelope and see a thank-you card with a hand-written note, you’re sure to notice the card and remember who sent it.

Grow your network
Networking and building connections is a huge part of running a successful business. As well as sending thank-you cards to customers after transactions, why not send one at the year end or on a business anniversary? And they’re not for customers alone. Business partners, investors or mentors who helped you when you really needed it, will all appreciate a thank-you card.

Thank-you cards really help grow your business and they’re a growing part of the huge product range we supply to our customers. To find out more about how we can help your business, contact our team or visit today!

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