Take the best photos for large format printing

Take the best photos for large format printing
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These days we’re used to seeing photographs on computer screens and mobile devices where definition is rarely an issue. In fact, smaller images work best online or when shared between devices as they keep the file size small. With print however, images must be high definition or they’ll look blurred and nowhere is image quality more important than in large format print. Of course, you can simply buy stock images from a library but these can look rather bland and often don’t come cheap. If you’re a designer or if you ever use print for your business you might already take your own photos. Whether you use a professional camera or a smartphone there are a few things you can do to get the best from your photography and produce pics that will work well in large format printing.

Let there be light

Unless you have access to a professional studio and lighting, always shoot in daylight. Make sure you position yourself so that the window or light source is behind you and be careful to avoid ugly shadows. If you don’t have a window, even an open door can supply the light you need. Smaller items can be photographed against a white background like a piece of paper or card. That will reflect more light and it’s much easier to remove shadows in Photoshop if they’re on a white background.

If you’re shooting outside choose a shaded area. Shooting in bright sunlight is difficult (although rarely a problem we face here in Ireland) because the light is strong and the shadows dark. Clouded skies give a more even light.


Take your photos in high definition and transfer them at their full original size either with a memory stick or by using an online sharing platform like WeTransfer or MailBIgFile. Remember that some websites will automatically compress images so if you’re uploading them to download from another device, check that your image is still at its original size.

Think background

Remember that large format images look better from a distance and may only be seen in passing or for a few seconds at a time. If you’re shooting a product make sure it stands out well from the background and that it’s easy to recognise. For any shot, make sure your colours work well together and don’t clash or jar. When you see the image on your screen try to imagine it at full size and in location. Does it still work?

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