Think sticker printing isn’t for you? Think again!

Think sticker printing isn’t for you? Think again!

Sticker printing – Your flexible marketing friend

If you think a sticker campaign isn’t for you, you may not be seeing the true potential of sticker printing. While many businesses across Ireland use stickers for everything from branding packaging to advertising events, many more may not fully appreciate how varied and effective stickers can be. The range of stickers available with today’s printing techniques means that you can use sticker printing to create original and creative campaigns on any budget. From their design to their location, there are ways to make your stickers really scream out at passers-by.rectangular stickers

What are some sticker printing tips?

Get creative on the smallest of budgets – Sticker printing is really cost effective and you can print as few stickers as you like. But you can still be really creative. A cinema in Dublin promoted a weekend of horror movies by changing the male and female graphics on their toilet doors to depict the figures with severed limbs or holding axes. Gruesome but highly effective!

Engage people emotionally – Anything that looks out of place will get the attention. A campaign in the USA saw rubbish bins on city streets covered in large stickers showing the nutritional value of their contents to highlight the plight of the homeless.

Go super real with sticker design – Designers often use stickers to jump out from the background while looking super real. Stickers on windows might look like cracks. Floor stickers can depict anything from coins to holes. A sticker on a wall might look like a window with a view. An American IT support company even created a life-size sticker that looked like a slightly open door to advertise that using them was like having your own IT department. High definition presses produce realistic images so you can really let your creativity flow.

It’s all about image – Remember that any images you use must be high resolution; that’s 300dpi at the size they appear on your final print. Also ensure that the colour mode is CMYK. RGB images might look great on screen but when converted to CMYK for printing, some colours might change or appear duller.

At we supply a comprehensive sticker printing service. Our customers come from all over Ireland and use sticker printing to advertise events, products, and services as well as to introduce or grow brands. You can get prices, upload your artwork and order online. To find out more about how sticker printing can really help your business and to see the full range of products we supply, simply visit or contact our expert print team.


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