The benefits of spiral bound documents

The benefits of spiral bound documents
Spiral Bound

You probably know all about saddle stitched and perfect bound documents. But we mustn’t forget about spiral binding! It offers the ultimate solution for presentations, notebooks, recipe books, manuals and other reference documents. In this post, discusses the benefits of spiral bound documents for those that are out of the loop (see what we did there?).

What are spiral bound documents?

Spiral binding goes by various names: coil binding, wire binding, wiro binding… the list goes on. In essence, it means to bind pages together using a durable metal coil that is inserted through holes punched along the spinal edge of the book, enabling pages to open freely. As mentioned, spiral bound documents are perfect for reference material, such as user manuals, annual reports and more. Spiral bound documents are available between 4 and 180 leaves, or 360 printed sides.

What are the benefits of spiral bound documents?

360-degree viewing

One of the main advantages of spiral bound documents is that they can be opened a full 360 degrees and folded upon themselves whilst still remaining flat. What’s more, because spiral bound documents can be opened fully, important information can be placed along the spine whilst still being viewable by users.

Reduced spinal tension

Spiral bound documents have very little spinal tension. This means that pages open and stay put with zero resistance required. Reference material will typically be viewed for an extended period of time, making spiral bound documents the perfect solution to make reader-friendly manuals, recipes books and more.


Spiral bound documents are able to accommodate both low and high page counts. Spiral coils come in various diameters to cope with varying thicknesses. Metal coils are adept at resisting distortion from daily wear and tear, meaning that spiral bound documents are more than capable of dealing with a wide range of uses.


As a result of the aforementioned reduced spinal tension, index tabs make the perfect accompaniment to spiral bound documents. Many reference materials utilise index tabs as a means of breaking up documents into various sections, helping the user to find a specific page in a quick and efficient manner.


Spiral binding offers a lower-cost alternative to perfect bound book binding. Although it may not be as cost-effective as saddle-stitching, many customers at believe that spiral binding gives you more for money, as highlighted by the previously mentioned benefits.

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