Six of the best postcard design tips

Six of the best postcard design tips

postcardsPostcards are highly effective, low-cost promotional tools that directly reach your target market and are proven to get a great return on investment. They get attention and can be designed and produced for specific promotions, as stand-alone advertising or as part of a wider marketing campaign.

There are a few things you can do at the design stage to ensure you get the perfect response from your campaign so we’ve put together six design tips to help you maximise the effectiveness of your postcard.

  • Use a simple, direct message – Postcards are more immediate than many forms of marketing. They’re not for listing products or telling your company’s history. Keep your message simple and direct or your postcard could well be discarded before it’s read. If you have a great offer shout it out loud on your postcard. Everybody loves getting something for nothing or money off so if that’s your offer, make it obvious.
  • Get noticed with great imagery – A striking image will always get attention especially if it’s out of the ordinary. Avoid bland stock images or using a number of small pics. If you’re going with an image make it large and bold. Remember you can print on both sides so your pic can take up one full side of your postcard. People will always turn over to see what’s on the other side.
  • There’s more than one type of card – Check that your online printer offers an extensive range of paper types, weights and finishes. A flimsy, cheap looking postcard will suggest the same of your business. Go extra thick or use a luxury or textured card that will stand out from other marketing. If recycling is important to you or your customers, use recycled card and mark it as such.
  • Use consistent branding and a prominent logo – Your logo and contact details should be prominent on your postcard. If your aim is to drive traffic online include the web address or a QR code. If you want readers to call, your phone number should be one of the most noticeable elements. Also, keep your colours and branding consistent with other marketing. This is essential in growing brand awareness.
  • Include a call to action – The best design and highest quality print will all be wasted if people don’t know what to do with your postcard. If you have an offer, tell people to visit your store or contact you within a certain time. Make it easy for potential customers to act – and act today.
  • Check your text. Then check again. – It’s easy to miss typos or grammatical errors when you’ve spent time concentrating on design and on the overall message. Thoroughly read your postcard several times. Let someone else read it – it’s easy to become word blind if you’re over-familiar with the text. Few things harm potential customers’ perception of your business more than poor grammar or spelling. If you’re not confident with grammar make sure you have your postcard checked by someone who is.

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