See and be seen with See Through Window Graphics

See and be seen with See Through Window Graphics

See Through Window GraphicsIf you see an advertisement on a vehicle window, bus shelter, or on the window of a shop or other business, chances are you’re looking at See Through Window Graphics. See Through Window Graphics can be used inside or outdoors and can work as an alternative to, or alongside posters, banners and other elements of your overall marketing mix.

What are See Through Window Graphics?
The window graphics are printed on an adhesive-backed base material. This material has a pattern of very fine holes and your advertisement or message is printed on the adhesive-free side. The holes mean that while your printed graphic is seen from one side, the other side is see-through.

Where can I use See Through Window Graphics?
You can use See Through Window Graphics on the outside of any window or see through surface. Companies throughout Ireland regularly use buses and taxis to advertise their brands, products and services. While everyone can see the graphics and message from the outside, the driver can still see through the window. Businesses often advertise their brand or service on the rear window of company vehicles. See Through Graphics also allow shops and business to turn their windows into huge advertising hoardings. As well as being see through from the inside, the graphics allow light in, so your premises will still enjoy natural daylight. Many bus shelters also use see through graphics for advertising because while traffic and people approaching the shelter can see the graphic, those inside can see through it.

What are the advantages of See Through Window Graphics?
The adhesive is strong and waterproof, as well as transparent, so it’s perfect for outdoor use. You can only see through from the inside, so many of our customers also use See Through Graphics when they want to create privacy in premises. See Through Graphics also reduce glare and UV light. Some businesses even window graphics to safely identify glass panels in their premises.

See for yourself!
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