Saddle Stitched Booklets. Quick – Simple – Effective

Saddle Stitched Booklets. Quick – Simple – Effective

There are many ways to bind your printed booklet depending on its size, use and number of pages. Saddle stitching is one method that is always popular with our customers at This is where the sheets are stacked and folded along the centre line. They are then stapled (or stitched) along the outside of the crease so that the staples close in the centre pages of the booklet. Saddle stitching is ideal for printed reports, magazines and brochures of 48 pages or fewer.

To help you decide if saddle stitching the best way to bind your newly printed booklet, we’ve listed some benefits and things to consider before you choose:

• Low cost
Saddle stitching is one of the least expensive binding methods. Have a look at our website for prices and get an online quote. You might be surprised at just how little your saddle stitched booklet will cost.

• Fast turnaround
Saddle stitched booklets can be turned around extremely quickly. We understand that you work to deadlines and we do everything we can to deliver your booklets exactly when you need them. In fact we guarantee it!

• Perfect for short print runs
Not only is waste bad for the environment, but it costs you money. We have no minimum quantity for our printed saddle stitched booklets, so you never have to print more than you need.

• Flexibility
Saddle stitched booklets are perfect for a variety of publications and uses. We offer a range of sizes from 1/3 A4 up to A4 portrait. You can choose from a number of paper weights and styles including silk, gloss or our premium uncoated and your cover can be be matt or gloss laminated if required. And don’t forget our stunning luxury paper range for when you need the very highest quality available.

saddle stitched booklets 1Your saddle stitched booklet will open fully, meaning pictures and graphics can span across two pages. That means you can make the best use of the superb colours and sharp images produced by our high quality digital presses.

Your booklet will fold flat when closed, so it’s easy to stack or mail. And you can hole punch it along the spine for insertion into ring binders and other presentation documents. If your document contains over 24 pages, we’ll even square off the spine to stop it springing open.

Keep in mind…
Saddle stitching works best for documents or booklets of fewer than 48 pages. Any higher and your booklet can become too bulky to fold properly. Remember that because it is created from folded sheets, your page count must be in multiples of four.

For booklets of more than 48 pages, you might consider perfect bound or wiro bound methods. All binding options are on our website and it’s easy to get a quote, upload your artwork and order online. We even have downloadable artwork templates you can use, so you know that your artwork is perfect for print.

Saddle Stitched Booklets 3

For more information or to find out if saddle stitched booklets are right for you, visit or contact our expert team. We’ve over 25 years’ experience in printing high quality booklets and we’re always available for help and advice, so let us help you get started with your printed booklet today!



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