Saddle stitch vs perfect bound: Which type of binding is right for you?

Saddle stitch vs perfect bound: Which type of binding is right for you?
Saddle stitch vs perfect bound

It’s time to settle an age-old old debate: Which type of binding is better, saddle stitch or perfect bound? The answer: it depends. Saddle stitch binding and perfect bound book binding both have their strengths and weaknesses, meaning that they are each better suited to differing requirements. In this post, highlights the advantages and disadvantages of saddle stitch and perfect bound documents to provide a better understanding of which type of binding is right for you.

What is saddle stitch binding?

Saddle stitching, in essence, means to bind pages together using staples along the spine. This is a simple binding technique that is only suitable for documents up to 48 pages long. Saddle stitch books are created in multiples of 4 pages, meaning that for every page that is folded in half, 4 individual book pages are formed. Because of their maximum length set at 48 pages, saddle stitch binding is mostly used for business brochures, catalogues and manuals.

The advantages of saddle stitch binding

  • Cost-effective – saddle stitch binding is the cheapest of all booklet printing methods.
  • Versatility – saddle stitch books can be used in a multitude of different ways.
  • Customisable – saddle stitch books can be customised with a variety paper options, stocks, weights and professional finishes.

The disadvantages of saddle stitch binding

  • Page limit – saddle stitching cannot be used for documents over 48 pages.
  • Page ‘creep’ – saddle stitch books have a tendency to spring open (but we have a solution for that)

What is perfect bound book binding?

Perfect binding is used for thicker documents, including annual business reports, magazines and directories from 40 up to 700 pages long. Documents are bound together using adhesive glue along the spine, providing a smooth, sleek and professional effect. The PUR glue used is extremely flexible and as such, perfect bound books are durable to heavy use.

The advantages of perfect bound book binding

  • Premium quality – perfect bound books provide a professional finish that can enhance brand reputations.
  • Durability – the non-brittle PUR glue adds to the longevity of perfect bound books.
  • Page limit – perfect bound books are suitable for documents up to 700 pages.

The disadvantages of perfect bound book binding

  • Cost – due to their premium finish, perfect bound books cost a little more.
  • Versatility – minimum length for perfect bound books is 40 pages which may not be suitable for certain documents.

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