The Rules of Vinyl Wrap

The Rules of Vinyl Wrap

the rules of vinyl wrapContrary to common knowledge, you cannot vinyl wrap to your heart’s content. There are rules; and just like vinyl wrap, you better adhere to them. In this post, explains what cannot be vinyl wrapped and why, followed by the benefits of using vinyl wrap as an alternative to paint.

What cannot be vinyl wrapped?

   1. Complex shapes and extremely curved surfaces

Due to the way in which vinyl is applied in sheets, it can only undergo a certain level of distortion before the adhesive backing fails. This makes items that are extremely curved or in a spherical shape impossible to vinyl wrap. Other items that can prove problematic are keyboards, bicycles and the like. In these instances, it is recommended to use paint.

   2. Things which undergo extreme changes in temperature

Items such as industrial machinery, kettles and toasters should not be vinyl wrapped. Significant temperature changes will cause the adhesive to fail and the vinyl covering to crack. Although vinyl is mostly very durable, when exposed to extreme temperature changes such as that seen in industrial environments, more often than not the vinyl wrap will peel back or crack – and nobody wants that!

   3. Rough surfaces

Effective vinyl wrapping necessitates a flat and smooth surface. Rough or rusted materials will hinder the adhesive’s ability to stick to the object. This, in turn, will result in the vinyl coming loose and peeling away. There many ways to avoid this, however. For example, with the likes of wooden drawers, you can treat the wood – by sanding and polishing – to ensure a smooth surface free from bumps and undulations that will enable the adhesive to work as expected.

Why use vinyl wrap instead of paint?

   1. Low cost

Vinyl wrap is a cost effective alternative to a professional paint job.

   2. Quick installation

Applying a vinyl wrap requires minimal downtime.

   3. Multiple options

The colour and pattern possibilities are endless when it comes to vinyl wrap

   4. Removable

The beauty of vinyl wrap is that it can be removed with ease.

   5. Protective

Vinyl wrap protects the paint or surfaces underneath.

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