Roll out your brand!

Roll out your brand!

Roll up Banner Stands IrelandRoll up banner stands are so versatile! Used to display your company brand and business message, roll up banners are an effective and affordable marketing tactic for just about any business. They are extremely easy to carry and convenient to set-up, so you can display them in a variety of places to boost sales and brand awareness. There a number of great locations to display your roll up banner stand, here are just a few;

A shop window display will attract people in to the store. And a roll up banner instore is great for advertising offers and deals in a professional manner.

Receptions and foyers
These are often the first point of entry for prospective customers, colleagues and clients. Make it their first point of contact for your business.

Restaurants and cafes
Many establishments use roller banners to advertise their food, partners and where they buy their produce.

Business events and trade shows
Roll up stands are perfect for advertising your company to other businesses at events and shows.

Larger Corporations
Large corporations rely on easily carried, effective roll up banners and stands to advertise their products and services to customers and other companies.


The design is important too…
Roll Up Banner StandA well designed roller banner will get you noticed and deliver your business message. When done correctly, roll up banners are eye-catching, informative and engaging. When done poorly, the banner will fail to draw people’s attention and your key messaging will be ignored. Here are a few tips to make yours as effective as possible.

Keep your logo at the top
Make sure your logo and core message are at eye level. This is where they are most likely to grab someone’s attention quickly and effectively.

Use a catchy tagline
A catchy tagline will grab attention and have people wanting to know more about your product or service.

Make it easy to read
People read from top to bottom and left to right, so make it easy for someone to read yours easily.

Keep it simple
With a roller banner, less is certainly more. People bore easily so get your core message across. For example, if you’re advertising a local Irish tourist attraction, don’t print an exhaustive list of activities and prices. Your aim with your pull up stand is to grab people’s attention with a few key points so they’ll want to find out more. That’s were your other marketing tactics like your brochure, leaflets or company website come in.

Look professional
This is your business, so make sure your roller banner looks professional. Use clean, professional design, great imagery and good copy. It might be the first experience someone has of your business. If it looks professional, so do you. If you’re using images, remember how large they’ll be displayed. An image grabbed from the internet will look blurred and pixilated. Have a look on for ideas on how to make your roll up stand look professional and work effectively.

roll up banner DublinUse colour wisely
While you want your roller banner to stand out, remember that it must be easy to read; sometimes from a distance. Bright colours like red and orange can really grab the attention but yellow and white can be hard to read. Think about your background colour too and how text and images will sit against it. And be careful not to use any colours that clash with you logo and corporate branding.

Include contact details
Remember, you probably won’t get the chance to talk to or hand out a business card to everyone who sees your banner, so make it easy for them to contact you by including your contact details.

Show us some of the creative ways you’ve used roll up banners to increase brand awareness – Post an image on our Facebook page. For more help and advice on getting the best from your roll up banner, contact or have a look at our website.


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