Make a big impression with pull up banners!

Make a big impression with pull up banners!

Pull Up BannersPull up banners are a hugely popular and cost effective way of promoting your business. Often a pull up banner will be the largest piece of advertising you’ll produce and used well, they’ll certainly get you noticed at trade shows happening throughout Ireland in 2015, so it’s essential that your banner creates the perfect impression.

Top ten 2015 trade shows in Ireland:

Wexford Business Expo on 11th September 2015 in Wexford
Food & Hospitality Ireland on 16th to 17th September in Dublin
The Wedding Journal Show Dublin on 26th to 27th September in Dublin
Southern Brides Wedding Show on 26th to 27th September in Cork
Red Line Book Festival on 11 -17th October in Dublin
Auto Trade Expo on 17th to 18th October 2015 in Dublin
Ideal Home Show on 23rd to 26th October in Dublin
Savour Kilkenny Food Festival on 23rd to 26th October in Kilkenny
Ultimate Weddings Live 31st October to 1st November in Kilkenny
National Crafts & Design Fair on 2nd to 6th December in Dublin

Here are a few tips to make sure pull up banners works well, wherever they are placed.

Keep it simple
You’re looking for an immediate impact. Your pull up banner might be displayed in a variety of different locations and circumstances, so get your message across quickly. Don’t fill your banner with too much information. Display your logo, core message and maybe a catchy tagline or great imagery to grab attention. And of course, include clear, visible contact details.

Think about layout
People naturally read from top to bottom; left to right, so make sure your logo is at eye level near the top, along with your tagline or core message. We’ve over 20 years’ experience in printing pull up banners and our website is full of great examples. If you’re still not sure of your layout, you can also download one of our pull up banner templates, then simply insert your artwork, so have a look to see what suits you best.

Less content – more impact
Whether your banner is in a shop, reception area or at an event, its purpose is to grab attention and pique interest quickly. People won’t stop to read paragraphs of text, so concentrate on a great headline and keep text to short bullet points. Remember too that at some events, you may have little control of where your banner is located. Keep your essential information away from the bottom, in case tables or other items obscure the lower area.

Use only high quality images
Pull Up Banners IrelandGreat images are hugely effective on pull up banners and really grab the attention. However, remember how large your finished pic will be. We produce roll up banners to widths of up to 2000mm, so make sure your image will look sharp and clear at its final size. If you’re not sure how your image will look or have any questions, simply contact our expert team. We’re more than happy to advise you and help make sure your printed banner looks great, wherever you put it!

Brand it!
Your pull up banner will often be part of your overall marketing mix, so make sure the design is consistent with your other branding. Whether you’re at an event, hosting a presentation, or using your banner as a stand-alone promotion, it’s important that people easily make the connection between your pull up banner and your other promotional material, so make sure you keep the design and branding consistent throughout.

Whether used on their own, or as part of your overall marketing, pull up banners are hugely effective in promoting your business. print a wide range of sizes and types, so have a look at our website or contact us today.