Promote your small business with poster power

Promote your small business with poster power

promote-with-postersThe ins and outs of poster advertising – what you need to know…

Posters are the oldest form of marketing. That they’re still one of the main forms of advertising today shows just how effective they are. Posters work and if you’re a small business or startup there are few better ways to get your message into the marketplace effectively. So, why is poster advertising so effective?

Posters hit target markets

You can put your posters near your business premises, retail outlets that stock your products or at bus stops and travel or consumer hubs – anywhere you think your potential customers are likely to be. Placing posters in local shops, restaurants and even in banks is a great way to reach people who prefer to use local businesses. If you have premises yourself you can work with other businesses by agreeing to display their posters, if they’ll display yours.

Posters are extremely cost-effective

A poster campaign typically costs much less than a press, radio or advertising campaign. Anyone who passes your poster will see it. People don’t have to open a book or turn on a radio to see your advertising – posters are already there, all around us all the time. According to recent research, 98% of people see poster advertising every day and three-quarters of consumers say that they’ve been persuaded to buy products because of poster advertising.

Posters keep working – even when you’re not

Posters give long exposure, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some kinds of posters such as backlit graphics or those well placed in lit up areas become even more noticeable at night. While many forms of marketing are discarded after one read, your poster will keep pushing your message day and night for as long as it’s displayed.

Posters are flexible so you can expand your creativity

Posters come in sizes as small as A4 and their low cost means you can design new posters for different events or offers and get your advertising up quickly and easily. You don’t have to say much on your poster. A great headline or attention-grabbing image along with a call to action is often enough to persuade people to find out more by visiting a store, calling your phone number or visiting your website.

Posters are great for growing your brand

Their long exposure times and high visibility make posters perfect for increasing brand awareness or introducing a new brand. The more people see a brand the more it grows in credibility. That’s why businesses small and large sometimes use posters that show only the business name or logo without any further information.

Posters to suit every need

At we supply business customers with a range of posters from A4 size right up to 48 and 96 sheets. It’s easy to get prices and order your posters from any desktop or mobile device using our award-winning user-friendly website. To find out more about how poster power can drive up your sales and grow your business, simply visit or contact us today.

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