Big or small – Beat the competition!

Big or small – Beat the competition!

Our top tips to help you stand out from the crowdPrinted MarketingWhatever your business, you can be sure that you’re not alone in your field. Other companies are trying to take your business and steal your customers. To survive in business you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd and make people choose your business above anyone else! At we’ve helped customers get noticed for over 25 years, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you beat the competition.

Clearly, define your brand
Does your brand send out the right message? Does it portray your business exactly as you want it portrayed? Is your brand consistent across all of your printed and digital marketing? If your answer to these questions isn’t “yes”, then you need to look at how you can improve. What are your competitors doing? Look at your brand to see how it can be improved and grown.

What makes you different?
What’s your unique selling proposition (or USP)? Why should customers come to you rather than your competitors? How are you different? Maybe you can find a niche in which you can specialise. Keep an eye on new and emerging trends. If you specialise in a new area or one that’s largely ignored by other companies, you’ll become the “go to” business for customers who need that service. And that will give you an edge over the competition.

Keep learning – and keep growing
Never rest on your laurels. Learn new skills. Find out what’s happening in your field throughout the world. Re-train and grow your skill set. Successful businesses always see the value in diversifying.

Make sure your price is right
Getting your prices right doesn’t necessarily mean being the cheapest. Decide where in the market you want to place your products or services, then target your marketing and advertising accordingly.

Keep your profile high
Always think of new ways to market your business. Use leaflets, outdoor advertising, sticker campaigns or any number of other ways to get your name and message out there. At many of our customers use print alongside digital campaigns as well as for stand-alone print advertising. The important thing is to keep thinking about marketing and promotion, whether you’re busy or going through a quieter period.

Keep a customer database
If someone buys from your business, you know they’re interested in your product. Keep their contact details and let them know about offers, products, and services. Don’t bombard them with emails, but do let them know when you’ve something interesting to say.

Provide excellent customer service
Good customer service is invaluable to your business. How you deal with problems or complaints is hugely important and if handled correctly, problems can be turned into positives. Let your customers know that their issues genuinely concern you and do everything you can to leave them feeling delighted with your service.

At we supply a huge range of printed marketing to help our customers grow their businesses. We use only the best quality digital and large format presses and strive to always exceed expectations. To see our full range of products, get quotes and order online, simply visit or contact our experienced team of experts today!

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