Printed Brochures – Effective print marketing in a digital age

Printed Brochures – Effective print marketing in a digital age

In today’s world of online and email marketing, many people might forget the power of print. But if you ignore print marketing, you could be making a huge mistake. Print is as important today as it ever was and many successful campaigns use a combination of digital and traditional marketing. Printed Brochures

People still engage more with printed brochures than they do with information online. We scan websites to find what we want and usually we don’t stay around for longer than necessary. With printed brochures, we’ll browse at our leisure and of course we can take them with us.
However, there are a great many brochures and booklets competing for our attention. So how can you make sure your brochure gets noticed and read? Here are our top five tips that will help your brochure stand out:

1. Have a great cover
If you don’t get someone’s attention with your cover, they’re unlikely to even open your brochure. A great headline or striking image will help grab attention and entice people to find out more. As well as thinking of the design for your cover, consider how it’s printed. Think about paper choice, finish and feel. Have a look on to see the different paper types and finishes you can choose to make sure your cover gets your brochure noticed.

2. Use great design
If design isn’t your strong point, bring in a professional. A poorly designed brochure will turn people off immediately and your brochure won’t be read or taken seriously. Gear your design style to your target market. A brochure aimed at corporate clients will probably look clean and professional. A brochure targeted at younger, edgier customers will have a different, more contemporary feel.

3. Use only high quality print
A badly printed brochure will look cheap and unprofessional. That means your business will look cheap and unprofessional as well. No one will trust a business that tries to advertise its message with shoddy, poorly produced marketing. Great printing doesn’t have to be expensive – just ask our customers! At we offer excellent print quality at great prices. Our HP Indigo presses produce superb colours and sharp, clear images across our entire range of products, but our customers enjoy excellent value for money. That’s why they use us again and again!

4. Use great content
Your content is as important as your design. It needs to read well and be professionally written. No one will wade through pages of poorly written text. Have a professional write or check your content and proof read everything before you go to print.

5. Use only great images
Images used in print must be of a much higher quality than those you see online. Just because it looks good on screen doesn’t mean it will look good in print. All pics used must be 300dpi resolution at the size they appear in the artwork. Lower resolution or blown up images will look blurred and pixelated in your brochure. And that makes you look unprofessional. If you’re in any doubt about your images, visit our website or contact our team. We’re always happy to help and advise our customers.

Our website shows the full range of sizes, papers, finishes and binding options available for printed brochures and helps advise on which options best suit your needs. You can get quotes and order your job online. You can upload your finished artwork or download a template to help you. For more information or to price and order your professionally printed brochure, simply visit


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