The power of print and press

The power of print and press

Many people take the decision to advertise in a local or national paper, thinking that it will really help their business. In reality however, a newspaper ad is unlikely to have much effect unless it is part of a well planned and organised marketing campaign. Multi-national corporations have huge budgets to run campaigns across wide sections of the press, television and outdoor; that’s why they work.

For the smaller business, such market saturation clearly isn’t possible, but you can still run a very effective advertising campaign within your budget, by combining press and print media advertising. Many of our customers at use our printing services as part of their overall marketing mix and enjoy excellent results!

Using the press

An isolated ad in a newspaper or magazine can be easily overlooked. But if the reader recognises the brand they are more likely to engage. This is where the rest of your campaign comes in. Outdoor and print advertising raise brand awareness, meaning your ad is much more likely to get noticed. You might also use a press ad as a teaser to spark interest in a larger promotion. Press advertising prices vary, depending on the publication and its circulation, so it’s important to make sure you get the most from your money.

Help your ad with printed inserts

Leaflets FlyersAs well as the content of the ad itself, you can back it up in the same publication by including leaflets, flyers or postcards as inserts. The publication will charge to let you include printed marketing, but you can often get a better price if you’re placing an advertisement. You can insert your promotional leaflets, flyers or include postcards that have a special offer. A great advantage of our digital printing service is that there’s no minimum order quantity. This means that you can print exactly the amount of material you need to insert in a particular publication and tailor your design and content to its readers. You can include offers that you know readers might enjoy. They’ll see your leaflet, flyer or postcard before anything else. This means your advertisement – and future ads – are much more likely to get noticed.

The great outdoors

When it comes to raising brand awareness, few media can rival outdoor advertising. supply outdoor poster advertising from 6 sheet adshels right up to 48 and 96 sheet billboards. Outdoor advertising gets seen by large numbers of people. In fact, it’s almost impossible to miss! Having put your brand or message In front of so many people every day, they’re much more likely to notice your advertisement in their newspaper or magazine. And as well as a great back-up to your press, outdoor is effective as stand alone advertising. A recent study showed that a massive 92% of shoppers said they’d seen poster advertising 30 minutes before buying and 82% said they’d impulse purchased that day. Outdoor advertising costs less than you might think and we’ve reduced our prices even more, so you really can’t lose!

To see more ways that can help with your media advertising and create really effective campaigns, have a look at our website or contact our team of experts today!


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