New smaller booklets mean even better range

New smaller booklets mean even better range

Even more choice with our new A6 size
In today’s digital age, printed booklets, brochures and other documents remain hugely important, making up a large part of many companies’ overall marketing mix.small printed bookletAt we’ve added a new A6 size to our saddle stitched and perfect bound book ranges, giving you, even more, choice. At 148mm x 105mm, the new size joins 1/3 A4, A5, A4 and 210x210mm square. There are portrait and landscape options too, so you’re sure to find the perfect size to suit your needs.

If you aren’t sure whether to choose saddle stitched or perfect bound for your document, don’t worry. Our guide below shows the advantages of each method.

Saddle stitched is great if your document contains up to 48 printed pages. This binding method sees all the sheets stacked together and stapled – or “stitched” – through the centre fold line. The staples go through the outside of the crease and close inside the central spread of the booklet.

Advantages of saddle stitched documents
Saddle stitched booklets are very cost effective. They’re quick and easy to produce. If your document is over 24 pages, we’ll square off the spine to stop your book springing open. We can also hole punch along the spine – very handy if your saddle stitched document needs to be inserted in a folder or ring binder.

Saddle stitched booklets fold flat making them great for mailing and stacking. The spreads open fully so your design can go across two pages. Remember though that with saddle stitched, your page count must be in multiples of four, as each leaf is folded to make four printed pages.

If your document is between 40 and 700 pages, choose Perfect bound
With perfect bound books, we stack all the interior pages into a perfectly square block. Then we glue the pages along the spine before attaching the cover with adhesive. The result is a clean and professional finish that’s great for reports, magazines, catalogues and other thicker documents – even novels! We use only the best PUR glue which is extremely flexible and durable, so your perfect bound book will open flatter without cracking or any pages falling out.

Advantages of perfect bound documents
Perfect bound books are extremely cost effective and our digital print process means that you can print even small quantities. The finished books are perfectly square, so they stack neatly. You can print on the spine too, so your document is perfect for both stacking and displaying.

Whether your document is perfect bound or saddle stitched, offer a great range of papers and finishes. You can also have lamination and we recommend this for your cover.  You’ll find all of our paper options, finishes and sizes clearly displayed on our website. Our easy to follow online ordering service lets you get quotes, upload artwork, order your job and arrange delivery. You can even download artwork templates.

For more information or to order your perfect bound or saddle stitched book, simply visit or contact our expert print team today!

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