Perfect print with Perfect Bound

Perfect print with Perfect Bound

All you need to know about perfect bound books…Perfect Bound BooksDifferent books, magazines, brochures and documents suit different binding methods. The best for your job will depend on the type of document, the number of pages and its purpose. At, we offer four types of binding; stapling for smaller documents, Saddle Stitched, Wiro Bound and Perfect BoundPerfect bound is always a popular option. It’s great for any document or publication from 40 right up to a whopping 700 pages. If your job falls within that size, then take a look at what makes perfect bound books the perfect solution for so many customers!

What are perfect bound books?
Perfect bound books are printed in single, not folded pages. The pages are stacked in order in a squared block, and then bound along the spine with adhesive. The cover is then wrapped around the pages and bonds to the spine. This produces a professional document or book with a clean and smooth finish. We use only PUR glue. It’s very strong and flexible, as well as extremely tolerant to high and low temperatures. This makes your document open flatter without the spine cracking or pages coming loose.

When should I use perfect bound?
Choose perfect bound for any document that is too thick for saddle stitching or stapling. If your publication is 40 pages or more, perfect bound is a professional and stylish option. You can go right up to 700 pages and it’s very cost effective, even for small quantities. Your finished publication will look professional and the squared finish makes it easy to stack and display. You can also print on the spine, so your title will catch the eye when stacked. To get an instant quote and see the options available for perfect bound books, simply go to

Can my perfect bound book be any size?
We supply four different sizes. 1/3 A4, A5 and A4 are available in both portrait and landscape format. We also offer a square size of 210x210mm.

What about paper?
You’ll have a great choice of paper weights and finishes. Choose a weight of between 100gsm and 150gsm for your interior pages. We recommend you use 250gsm – 350gsm for your cover. You can choose silk, gloss or uncoated paper and we offer gloss or matt lamination. We recommend lamination for your cover, as it is durable and really enhances your colours and images.

To find out more about perfect bound books, get an instant quote or even order online, simply have a look at our website. The quote and ordering process is really easy to follow, so you can check all your options quickly and without fuss. You can even download artwork templates. Simply visit or contact our experienced team of expert printers and you could be ordering your perfect job today!

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