Fascinating poster designs to spark your creativity!

Fascinating poster designs to spark your creativity!
Yomagick Posters Ireland

What is good poster design? We’re bombarded with visual messages everywhere we look. With an abundance of posters are everywhere; each one vying for our attention, how can your posters stand out and get noticed among the countless examples we see in every town and city across Ireland?

Meet Yomagick
Polish born Maciek Martuniuk, better known as Yomagick, arrived in Ireland in 2008. He graduated with a First in Visual Communication in Design from IADT in Dún Laoghaire and has seen his work appear across the UK on more than 1000 JCDecaux digital screens. He has also featured in leading design publications like Creative Review and Wallpaper Magazine. Yomagick’s passion in experimenting with abstract typography and imagery in a unique and memorable way, is evident in all of his work.

Prepare to be inspired!
Digitaprintingireland.ie print a vast range of posters in many different formats and sizes, so we thought we’d show you some examples of what can be achieved when you think differently. Whether you’re an experienced illustrator or new to poster design, we’re sure you’ll find Yomagick’s work to be both fascinating and inspiring.

The Nice poster series illustrates Yomagick’s passion for combining type and imagery uniquely and distinctly. Rather than have words and images as separate elements, these posters combine typography and imagery to make vibrant and eye-catching visuals.

Posters Ireland

Ireland PostersSource: https://www.behance.net/gallery/24702819/Nice-Posters-2015

Think and Create
A superb example of how simple layout and space can be hugely effective, the Think and Create project was inspired by basic visual communication elements like road signs and the eye test. Simple type, stark layout and manual cutouts are used, showing that you don’t need complex illustrations and images to create striking posters.

Posters Dublin

Yomagick Posters DublinSource: https://www.behance.net/gallery/24561937/Think-Create

It’s all there in black and white
These poster prove that you don’t need loud images, bright colours or huge text to create visually striking designs and get your message across. Used to advertise club nights with printed posters and on social media, the text or message is sometimes extremely small. However, the image draws the eye towards the type. Other examples utilise abstract typography to grab the attention. The series shows a great understanding of the target market and of the product being promoted.

Posters Ireland

Posters IrelandSource: https://www.behance.net/gallery/28556031/B-W-Posters-2015

Bauer Bodini – one type fits all
This poster series is described by Yomagick as a tribute to the Bauer Bodini typeface. Abstract images mix the font and the human body. By removing both the typeface and human body from their natural environment, Yomagick illustrates how everyday objects can be shown in an imaginative and unique way.

Posters IrelandSource: https://www.behance.net/gallery/17025109/Bauer-Bodoni-Poster-Series

While Yomagick’s work is extremely unique and often complex, his thought process and concepts serve as a great example of how a little creative thinking can lead to ideas and designs that will really get your poster designs noticed in a competitive marketplace. For some inspiration, check out Yomagick on Instagram and Behance.

Remember, you don’t need to be a World class artist or design genius to get inspired and create great posters. And digialprintingireland.ie have all the printing expertise you’ll need to see your ideas really burst to life, so to see the full range of sizes, formats and finishes, check out our website or contact our team of experts today!


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