Posters – Perfect promo for your event

Posters – Perfect promo for your event

indoor-posters-3You can’t drive or walk for too far in any town or city throughout Ireland without seeing posters promoting any one of seemingly hundreds of events going on at any given time. Posters are one of the oldest forms of advertising. They remain one of the most effective and best value for money methods of promoting everything from trade events to concerts; cars to charities.

A poster might be as large as a 96-sheet billboard or as small as an A4 on a shop window or bar wall. However, small or large, inside or out, it’s the design and location of your poster that will determine its success.

Location is hugely important to the success of your poster. If using an outdoor site will also have an effect on the overall price. Print costs won’t change but some locations may cost more than others based on the footfall and surrounding population. Your target audience will also determine your location. There’s no point having your poster somewhere it might be seen by large numbers of people if few of them are in your target demographic, so before you pay for a site ask yourself if it’s really right for your campaign and your poster.

Footfall vs impressions
Footfall can mean both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It refers to the number of people who will pass an advertising site. Impressions are when people notice the advertising. A poster on a busy main road will have heavy footfall, but a congested junction will have more impressions. Think of not how many people pass your poster but about where it’s more likely to be noticed by large numbers of the people you want to reach.

Design to suit the location
If your poster is on a road or busy street where people are likely to be constantly on the move, use a big, catchy headline and striking graphic or image. Don’t clutter the poster with too much visual information or text. No one will bother to read it. Whatever you have to say make sure you can get it across in a couple of seconds.

If your poster is in a retail outlet, business premises, bar or anywhere people might see it for longer periods at a time, you can say more. However, even in these circumstances don’t include too much information – just the important details. You can always direct people to a web address or social media page for more information. supply posters to customers throughout Ireland. From A4 posters to 48 and 96 sheets outdoor advertising our posters are great value for money. All our prices are easy to see when you click for an instant quote on our website. You can also upload artwork, order your job and arrange delivery online so your poster can be delivered to any address in Ireland in as little as 24 hours. Have a look at our easy-to-use, award-winning website for more information. To find out how we can help you advertise your events, products or business visit or contact our Ireland-based print team today.


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