Poster Power!

Poster Power!

Five reasons to print posters for your business

Poster PrintingPosters are one of the oldest types of marketing. They were first used over 200 years ago and they are still one of our leading forms of advertising. In today’s digital world it’s easy to think we can rely on digital media to promote our businesses, our products and services. However, there are plenty of reasons why businesses today still use posters as an integral part of their marketing mix. Here are our top five reasons to print posters for your business:

1) Pick a size – any size!
The huge range of sizes we offer means that you can choose the perfect poster, wherever it’s going. Our posters start at A4 size and our smaller options are great for windows, notice boards, clubs or restaurants. Our huge billboard posters will get noticed anywhere. You can really shout your message loud and clear with a printed poster for your business!

2) Posters are perfect for special promotions and offers
Got a special offer or new promotion? Advertise it with a poster. Posters can be printed in large numbers or you can produce a one-off poster for a certain event or location. Posters are an extremely flexible form of marketing, making them perfect for specific promotions.

3) Posters hit their target
Once you’ve identified your potential customers and where they go, you can place your posters where you know your customers will see them. That’s so much more effective than other more random, mass marketing promotions.

4) Posters are excellent value for money
The sheer numbers of people who’ll see a well-placed poster, combined with the low prices enjoyed by our customers at mean that poster advertising is an excellent value for money marketing option. Even our biggest posters probably cost much less than you think, so have a look at our website and prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

5) Posters work
A recent study by the Outdoor Media Centre found that a massive 92% of shoppers said that they’d seen poster advertising 30 minutes before purchasing. 82% of shoppers said they had impulse bought the same day. No other form of marketing enjoys figures like that. Poster advertising really does work!

At we print a huge range of posters for our customers. Sizes start at A4 and go right up to 48 or 96 sheet billboard posters. Our large format presses produce market leading quality and we’re now offering even lower prices on many products. Visit our website to get instant quotes, upload artwork, place your order and arrange delivery. You can even download templates onto which you can place your artwork. To find out more or to start growing your business with poster power, visit today!

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