Getting the most from your pop up banners

Getting the most from your pop up banners
Roll Up Banner

A pop up banner is a great way to get your message out whatever your budget. If you haven’t thought of using pop up banners or if you’re looking for new and effective ways to promote your business anywhere and everywhere, pop up banners are the perfect solution.

What is a pop up banner?

A pop up banner is a portable roll up display stand. The printed vinyl pulls up from the base and is held in place using a lightweight frame. They’re set up and retracted extremely quickly and take up little space. Easy to carry and transport, pop up banners are popular and highly effective promotional tools.

How to design a pop up banner

The design of your banner is hugely important if it is to be effective. For your banner to work it needs to follow a few simple rules:

  – Grab attention, quickly!

People have very short attention spans so your banner must captivate the reader immediately. You can do this with a compelling or humorous headline, great offer or provocative image. Keep your headline or main message at eye level.

 – Use only high quality, high-resolution images

Any photos used should be striking and relevant. Bland stock photography will look, well, bland and see your pop up banner blend into the background. Any images used should be 300dpi in terms of artwork size and saved in CMYK mode. Images dragged from a website are never good enough for print. Low-res images might look fine on screen but they’ll look blurred and pixelated on a pop up banner, making your advertising – and your business look cheap.

What to put on a pop up banner

Promote your main message and little else. No one will read too much text – they’ll lose interest and walk away. All you need is your headline and at most a few bullet points (if necessary) – you can give more information on leaflets or brochures. Your logo is a must so put it near the top where it’s clearly visible. And finally, never forget to include contact details such as a web address, email address or phone number.

What size are pop up banners?

We’re glad you asked! Pop up banners come in a number of sizes and types to suit any budget. At we supply a range that includes entry-level Bronze pop up banners, Silver, Gold (our most popular range) and top of the range Platinum pop up banners. Sizes in mm (width x height) are:

  •  Bronze: 800 x 2000
  •  Silver: 800 x 2000
  •  Gold: 800 x 2000, 1000 x 2000, 1200 x 2000, 1500 x 2000
  •  Gold twin: 800 x 2000 double-sided print
  •  Platinum: 800 x 2150

Whether you’re exhibiting, attending an event or conference, promoting products or services on your premises or just want a portable pop up banner you can use anywhere we’re sure you’ll find what you need at Visit our website and for an instant quote today.

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