How to design the perfect booklet

How to design the perfect booklet

Good design is design that works
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Even in today’s digital world we still use and read a huge amount of print. In fact, printed marketing is on the increase. At we print a huge range of products for our customers and booklets remain extremely popular. While many good marketing campaigns use both traditional and digital media, research shows that people are still more likely to engage with physical print than with online material. Websites are often scanned for relevant information and the user will move on quickly. However, printed booklets can be browsed at leisure and taken home to be read later. Marketers and business know this and that’s why printed booklets remain so popular.

How to get your booklet noticed?

  • Have a great cover – The first thing anyone will see is the cover, so make sure it really grabs the attention. Striking imagery, great graphics and a catchy or intriguing headline will ensure that your booklet gets more than a passing glance. Your cover should persuade people to look inside your booklet. The look, feel and print quality of your cover will be the first impression many people have not only of your booklet, but also of your business.
  • Use great images – Great images not only break up pages of text; they engage readers. Try to avoid stock images. Make your pics original and striking. Remember that image quality is very important for print. The picture that looks great on a website might look blurred in print. Images need to be of 300dpi resolution at the size they’ll appear in your booklet. Poor images will let down even the finest design and the highest quality print. If you’re not sure about your images, contact us through our website. We’re always on hand with help and advice.
  • Think about your print – The best design and great images will mean nothing if your print quality is poor. At we use only HP Indigo presses that produce rich, vibrant colours and sharp, perfectly reproduced images. Many booklets are let down by cheap looking print. Don’t let yours be one of them.
  • Think about paper – Paper quality, like print quality, is vital if your booklet is to look and feel professional. We supply an extensive range of papers and finishes. Choose from silk, gloss and premium uncoated in a variety of weights. You can also choose matt or gloss lamination. If you need something extra special, check out our luxury papers. This stunning range of paper can add even more to your design. Contact us and ask for a sample pack.
  • Don’t scrimp on design – If you’re not a designer or comfortable designing your own booklet, bring in a professional. A good designer should be seen as an investment – not an expense. At, we never compromise on quality. Our customers expect the best and we strive to always exceed expectations rather than simply match them. Your customers and prospective customers will expect professional booklets from a professional company so make sure your design doesn’t fall short of the image you want for your business.

We supply booklets and a huge range of other printed marketing for our customers. To see examples of great design and the highest quality print or to get started with your new company booklet, simply visit or contact our team of expert printers today.


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