The ultimate guide to paper types and sizes


Whatever your print job you’ll want to find the perfect paper size, weight and type to suit. The paper you use might depend on your target market, the final purpose of your print or the kind of event, products or services you’re advertising. If you’re not familiar with the world of print, paper choice might seem like a minefield but our ultimate guide to all things paper will help you find your way safely through. Read Full Article

Your 2019 Digital Printing Checklist

Digital Printing ChecklistYour new 2019 marketing campaign is designed and looks great. You’ve checked the text (repeatedly) and you’re ready to upload your artwork for print. But before you hit that send button ask yourself this: Have I checked that my artwork is completely print-ready? Read Full Article

Get noticed this year with large format printing

Large format printingIt’s Six Nations time again and whether we retain the title (as surely we should) or slip up you can be sure of one thing: Irish fans will be seen and heard above all others wherever we play. As a nation we’re not shy of letting people know we’re there and whatever the sport, Ireland fans rarely go unnoticed. That’s great for our national teams and in business, getting noticed is even more important. And a great way to get your message out to large numbers of people is with large format print. Read Full Article

A guide to digital printing for small businesses

digital printing for small businessesIf you own or run one of the many small businesses throughout Ireland you’ve probably used a small business printing service from time to time. In recent decades digital printing has soared in popularity but if you’re still unsure about what digital printing is or why it’s great for small businesses like yours read on. Read Full Article

Create outstanding POS for your retail business

???????????????????????????????????The Christmas season is all but finished. However, retailers know the New Year brings even more opportunities to sell with new products, sales and plenty of shoppers looking for great bargains. Help them choose your store and buy the products you want to sell with outstanding point of sale advertising. Read Full Article

Christmas printing ideas to boost your business

Businesswoman working in christmas holiday at the office with christmas decoration on table.We all try to plan early for Christmas but very often day-to-day life gets in the way. Fortunately, it’s not too late to order some last minute Christmas print and get it working for your business over the festive period. There are plenty of products that are effective, easy to produce and will boost your business. Here are our top five Christmas printing ideas:

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The ultimate guide to making a calendar

making a calendarTake a stroll through any shopping area in Ireland and you’re sure to see shops and stalls selling calendars based on everything from music and television shows to animals and actors. Most homes or business have calendars sitting or hanging somewhere and that makes custom calendars the perfect promotional gifts for your customers, especially at this time of year. Read Full Article

Christmas marketing tips for your business

christmas marketing tipsWhile it seems like only yesterday we were enjoying the summer (and we actually had one – what happened there?) Christmas is now well and truly upon us. If you’re in business that means there are more marketing and promotional opportunities than ever. We’ve listed a few ways you can really use the festive season to your advantage with great Christmas marketing ideas. Read Full Article

What are the different types of brochures?

A stack of magazinesThat’s a question certainly included in the “how long is a piece of string” category. However, for the purposes of a short informative blog, we’ll keep the answer to a few hundred words (we’re nice like that) and concentrate on the folded brochures often used in the world of marketing. Read Full Article