The Great Outdoors! A Guide to Outdoor Advertising

The Great Outdoors! A Guide to Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor AdvertisingWhile some traditional advertising media are in decline, outdoor advertising is growing. Regarded as less intrusive than other advertising methods, outdoor advertising visually engages the consumer by using colour, humour and compelling imagery. And according to Don Draper, the highly successful advertising director and protagonist of TV series Mad Men “It’s a billboard on the side of the road that screams reassurance that whatever you are doing is OK!”

Being one of the most cost effective forms of advertising with the lowest cost per thousand people who’ll see your ad (CPM), outdoor advertising will put the message right in front of your potential customers and make a huge impact. If you want to raise your company profile and guarantee your brand, product or service will reach large numbers of people, outdoor advertising is perfect for you.

What is it?

6 Sheet Posters - Ireland

6 Sheet Posters

Outdoor advertising cannot be purely defined as billboards on the side of the road. There are also poster sites on public transport, bus shelters, shopping centres… the list goes on. It’s estimated there are more than 40 types of outdoor advertising, with billboards being the most widely recognised media.

What’s important, is that your advert is put in front of a captive target audience based on the geographical location. And a mix of 96 and 48 sheet billboards with a few well-placed 6 sheet posters in the right location will help raise your company’s profile and deliver results.

96 Sheet Billboards Ireland

96 Sheet Billboards

48 Sheet Billboards Ireland

48 Sheet Billboards

How can outdoor advertising help my business?

Outdoor advertising is a great way to reach people where they live, work and play. This form of advertising can be experienced 24 hours a day, seven days a week and unlike newspaper, radio or TV, it doesn’t have to be invited into the home. Other benefits include:

Cost efficiency
Outdoor advertising is very economical, especially considering the number of people you’ll reach. You’ll be surprised how little a billboard campaign can cost.

Huge audience reach
Your audience is limitless! You’ll be part of the environment, unlike other forms of advertising that people need to open, turn on or choose to read.

Increased brand awareness
When people see your product, brand or service advertised on billboards and large outdoor sites, they’ll know you’re serious about your business!

You can target specific groups
Where does your target audience go? Do you want a highly targeted campaign in a specific area of Dublin or do you want to target the entire island of Ireland?

Will it work for my business?

Outdoor advertising will work for your business for one simple reason – it’s located out of the home which is where you can market your products or services to targeted masses. Potential customers leave their homes on a daily basis and whether they drive cars, hop on trains and buses, rush through airports or walk down a crowded Grafton Street, they become extremely receptive to outside stimulants. More info on how it can help your business:

Small, medium and large businesses
Nothing increases brand awareness of your business like an outdoor advertising campaign in high footfall areas, busy roads or wherever you think your customers go.

Marketing professionals
Outdoor advertising is the perfect marketing tool. You can plant your customer’s brand or message firmly with their targeted audience via well placed outdoor advertising posters they won’t be able to miss.

Advertising agencies and design houses
The sheer numbers who’ll see your advertising make outdoor posters a vital part of any advertising campaign.

Digital Printing Ireland and Outdoor Advertising – The Perfect Team.

You really can’t choose a better partner for your outdoor advertising campaign than Digital Printing Ireland. Our top quality digital printing process ensures the perfect quality for large – or very large format. There’s no minimum print run, so your outdoor advertising posters and billboards can be seen in as many or few locations as you like. You’ll be surprised how little a campaign can cost so get in touch with the team at Digital Printing Ireland today and find out more about how your outdoor advertising poster campaign can help your business!

Call us on 01 447 5306 or visit to get started!

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