How to get more business from your business card

How to get more business from your business card

Business CardsOne of the most common marketing mistakes is to see a business card just as a way to leave contact details. But good business cards are a great deal more than that. Your business card is often the first impression a potential customer has of your business. The design and print of your card will say a lot about you and your business so before you even think about handing one out make sure the print, content, and design give a perfect impression.

How to get more business from your business card?

  • Use thick, quality card – From a business point of view, there’s nothing worse than being handed a thin, floppy business card. It immediately screams “cheap” to the recipient and that’s a link they’ll make to your business, products or services. Always check that your printer has a comprehensive range of premium quality card of different weights and accept nothing less than an absolute minimum weight of 300gsm for your business card, although 350 or 400gsm will feel much stronger.
  • Thought about luxury cards? – If you really want to give a great and lasting impression, think about going a bit further with your business cards. Double, triple or quadruple thick cards will certainly attract the right kind of attention. On some of these, you can even add a coloured core. Look at different choices like pearlescent, hammer effect or textured cards. Anything that makes your card stand out from the rest is great for your business. They might cost a little more, but they’re likely to bring more business your way.
  • Use simple, effective design – Your business card isn’t the place to sell all your products or services. By all means, add a QR code to drive people to your website or social media pages, but don’t cram too much information onto your card. Double sided print will let you use the rear for bullet points or extra contact details, but keep the front simple, clean and professional. The colours and feel should be consistent with your other marketing so make sure the printed colours are a good reproduction of your artwork.

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