How do I make great business flyers?

How do I make great business flyers?
Flyer Design

It’s easy to create and make professional business flyers. Flyers are quick to produce and get great results for little cost. They’re also an extremely adaptable form of marketing. You can use flyers in direct mail campaigns or as handouts as well as displaying them on counters in shops, business premises, tables and in hotels or event venues.

What is a flyer and what is a flyer used for?

A flyer is a single page leaflet used to advertise a business or brand, products, services, events or anything else you want to advertise or promote.

What size should a flyer be?

Flyers can be printed at any size from A7 (74mm x 105mm) to A3 (297mm x 420mm). The best size for your flyer will depend on how or where it’s used and on what you want to say. A7 to A5 will fit into pockets. 1/3 A4 (99mm x 210mm) is ideal for standard envelopes so a good size for mailing. If you want businesses to display your flyer on counters or tables, A5 at 148x 210 or 1/3 A4 is as big as you should go.

How can I design a flyer?

To design the perfect flyer remember a few simple rules:

  • Keep it simple
  • Get straight to the point
  • Use only great images
  • Use a big and bold headline
  • Have a call to action

A powerful and catchy headline will grab attention. When it comes to marketing we all have very short attention spans so get straight to the point. Don’t use too much text and use only a few bullet points if you have more to say than you can in your headline. Any images should be sharp and striking. Avoid bland stock images. Initiate a response with a call to action and always add contact details and your logo.

How much do flyers cost?

The cost of your flyers will depend on quantity, size, paper type and whether they’re printed on one or both sides. The cost per unit might be less for large amounts but with digital printing, there’s no minimum quantity so you never have to print more than you need. At we make it really easy to get a price for your flyers. Just click on the size, quantity and paper you want and your price will be displayed right away. Once you’re happy with your quote simply upload your artwork, order your flyers and arrange delivery online from any desktop or mobile device. Visit and grow your business with new business flyers today.

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