Design a striking letterhead!

Design a striking letterhead!

Letterhead PrintingWhile emails are a common form of communication in today’s business world, sometimes a printed or written letter is the still best solution. With email so widely used, a printed or written letter on a well-designed letterhead shows that you’ve made a special effort and that you care about your clients and customers. Look at other business letterheads and you’ll see a huge variety of styles. At we print a huge amount of business stationery for customers. Business owners know that their letterhead is the public face of their company. So before you decide on your own design, there are a few things to consider when letterhead printing:

Keep it simple
Your letterhead should look professional and well designed. But remember that the main focus of the letter should be the content. Your letterhead design should act as a frame to the text and not be too distracting.

Keep it corporate
Your design should reflect your corporate identity and be consistent with other brand marketing. If you already have logo or strong brand identity you don’t have too much work to do on your letterhead. Obviously, do include your full address and all contact details in the design.

Get the right feel for your business
If your business deals with corporate customers, your letterhead will probably be clean, simple and business-like. If you’re company message is fun and leisure, you can get creative and quirky with your letterhead.

Stand out with a watermark
It may be one of the oldest tricks in the design book, but a watermark graphic can really help your letterhead without taking up space. Many companies use all or part of their logo as a background tint on letterheads. This can add to your design without taking up space. Remember to keep the tint to a maximum of around 10% to ensure that the content of your letter is still easy to read on top of the graphic.

Where are your letterheads being printed?
Are your letterheads being professionally printed? Or will they often be printed in-house? If you’ll be printing them yourself, remember that you’ll probably have a small white border around your printed page, so you can’t bleed your design off the page. Any borders may not print perfectly parallel to the page’s edge. Also, it’s important to design your letterhead so that it will still look good when printed from your own printer of colour copier.

Keep it in the (stationary) family
Letterheads, business cards and compliment slips are all part of your business stationary set and usually the compliment slips will follow the design of the letterhead. The business cards will match as well. All three items are included in our new business start-up kits which are very popular with new businesses.

If you are ready to print your letterheads or other stationary, just go to and follow our step-by-step guide. You can get a quote, place your order, upload your artwork and arrange delivery online. You’ll see examples of great letterheads there too so simply visit our website or contact our team of expert printers to get inspired today!