What is leaflet marketing?

What is leaflet marketing?

Woman Hand Pushing Leaflets In Mail BoxLeaflet marketing can take many forms. When done properly using well designed, professionally printed leaflets it grows your brand and promotes your business or services. Bad leaflet marketing just annoys people and will do your business much more harm than good. If you want your leaflets to fall into the first category instead of into the recycling bin before they’re even read, check out our FAQs on leaflet marketing.

What is the purpose of a leaflet?

If you have more to say than you can on a poster flyer or postcard but not enough for a booklet or brochure then a leaflet could be exactly what you need. Folded leaflets come in a range of sizes. One fold gives your four panels and two folds gives you six. That gives you plenty of space to advertise products, services, details of events or just introduce your business.

What makes a good leaflet?

Great creativity is essential in producing an effective leaflet that will boost responses and increase your sales. Your cover should immediately grab the attention with a snappy headline. Got a special offer? Shout it out loud. Any images should be striking and sharp. Your content must be well written and copy checked. If writing isn’t your strong point use a copy or content writer. When it comes to print never cut corners either. Print and paper quality are as important as the design and content.

Why are leaflets good for advertising?

Leaflet advertising is very cost effective and it enjoys good success rates for businesses targeting those in their own area. You can choose the locations most likely to contain your target market such as families, affluent professionals, restaurant goers or shoppers. Get your leaflets to the right people and you’ll see better returns for minimal investment.

How do you distribute leaflets?

There are a number of ways to get your leaflets into the hands of potential customers:

  • Blanket delivery – Deliver leaflets to all homes and businesses within a certain area or postcode range.
  • Shared distribution – Piggy back on other forms of print by inserting your leaflets into magazines, newspapers, brochures or advertising material. Choosing the publications you use helps you target the right people.
  • Street distribution – Hit the bricks and distribute your leaflets by hand. Where you do this can help you give your leaflets to those most likely to respond.
  • Events – Hand out or display your leaflets at trade shows, concerts, conferences and community events.
  • Point of sale – Display or distribute your leaflets in retail premises. This is a particularly good method when you’re promoting a particular offer or product.

You can distribute or display leaflets anywhere. That’s one of the reasons marketers love them!

Great leaflets = great results

When you’re ready to print your new leaflets visit DigitalPrintingIreland.ie. With 30 years’ experience in the print industry and based right here in Ireland we’re perfectly placed to help you get the very best from your leaflet marketing campaign. We use market leading HP Indigo digital presses that produce the highest quality digital print you’ll see in Ireland. Our website shows the full, extensive range of leaflets and other marketing products we supply to business customers. To find out more visit us at www.DigitalPrintingIreland.ie today.

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