What does large format printing mean?

What does large format printing mean?

Large inkjet printer working multicolor on vinyl bannerLarge format printing is the process used to produce products that are too large for standard presses. Large format products include:

  • Posters
  • Roll up banner stands
  • PVC vinyl banners
  • Pop up stands
  • Outdoor posters including Adshel/48 and 96 sheet billboard advertising
  • Backlit graphics
  • See-through window graphics

and anything other products that are, well… large!

So at what size does a product require large format printing? Or to put it simply;

What is a large format?

Large format, sometimes referred to as wide format or large print is the term typically used to describe any printed product that’s bigger than A3. In recent years large format printing has become extremely cost-effective even for small amounts and offers a great return on investment. That means smaller businesses that previously hadn’t considered large format print as an effective marketing tool are using it as much as larger companies and seeing equally good results!

Why use large format printing?

Large format print reaches huge numbers of people every day, especially outdoor. You don’t have to open a magazine or turn on the television to see it – it’s there already, all around us. Modern large format printing techniques mean you no longer need to print large quantities to make it financially viable. No minimum quantity and quick turnarounds mean that any business can benefit from the big impact advertising offered by large format print.

When should I use large format?

You can use large format print for everything from advertising your business on billboards, bus shelters, windows and walls to decorating an event venue with posters or vinyl banners. If you’re attending or exhibiting at an event, roll up banner stands and vinyl graphics grab people’s attention even from a distance. Point of sale posters, signs, banners and roll up stands are highly effective in retail and business premises. Banners, stands and non-adhesive posters are portable too so you can use them again and again in different locations.

Large format print made easy

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