Large format printing – Get it right

Large format printing – Get it right

Large Format PrintingAre you making these three common large format mistakes?

It’s hard to walk through any town or drive along any road in Ireland without seeing examples of large format printing. Advertisers and marketers know it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get their message in front of the greatest number of people. Designers know that large format design requires a different approach to other forms of marketing and as you walk or drive throughout Ireland you’ll see some great examples, but also some that have little or no impact.

There are three main mistakes businesses make when using large format printing but once you know them, they’re easy to avoid.

What are the most common large format mistakes?

  • Poor image quality
  • Too much text or hard to read fonts
  • Poor colour choice

1. Poor image quality

A low-resolution image that looks good online can look blurred in print, so imagine how it will look when it’s plastered across a billboard, window or exhibition stand. Ideally, the resolution of any image used in print should be 300dpi at its final size on the artwork. While that’s not always possible for large format jobs (for example, 48 and 96 sheet posters will use artwork at ¼ size) it’s certainly what you should aim for. Graphics should be supplied in vector format wherever possible as these don’t lose quality when enlarged.

2. Too much text or hard to read fonts

Make fonts easy to read and don’t try to say too much. Large format advertising is for getting across a clear message quickly and clearly. If you use a fancy font that’s hard to make out or you include too much text no one will bother to read it. If you need to reduce text to fit it in your design, you’re using too much so edit or remove it. When it comes to text in large format printing, go large and go clear.

3. Poor colour choice

Bold, eye-catching colours always stand out. Light text on a dark background is easier to read from a distance than dark text on light. Of course, you’ll want to use colours from your corporate pallet and that are consistent with your brand but choose colours that stand out from each other. While subtle and moody colours are making a comeback in the design world for 2018 it’s still essential that the colours you use for large format print maximise contrast and clarity. offer an extensive range of large format products that are produced using Roland high definition presses for the best colour and image reproduction on the market. We supply posters, roll up banner stands, pvc vinyl banners, see through vinyl window graphics, pop up stands and outdoor advertising like adshel, 48 or 96 posters.

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