Score higher sales with large format printing!

Score higher sales with large format printing!

96 Sheet Billboards IrelandHow to use large format printing for successful marketing.

This month Ireland is hosting the Women’s Rugby World Cup. Even if you’re not a fan the World Cup is impossible to ignore because for several weeks we’ve seen countless 48 and 96 sheet billboard posters advertising the event or profiling the players. This constant exposure means that not only are we aware of the tournament but many of us are more likely to look out for the results. Even those who aren’t interested in the sport are talking about the fact that the World Cup is here in Ireland and of course, we all want our team to be successful. Such is the power of large format marketing.

You don’t have to be a big player to use large format advertising

Of course, the Women’s Rugby World Cup enjoys a huge advertising budget but large format printing doesn’t have to cost the earth and billboards reach a great many people at a lower cost than other marketing. Once your poster is on that site, no other advertising is competing for the same space. Also, people don’t have to open a magazine, turn on a television or even lift a leaflet to see your message; it’s there, right in front of them and over time it engrains itself on their memory.

Big impact marketing – inside or out.

The term “large format” covers much more than billboards. Posters on buses and bus shelters are often used to great effect as part of outdoor advertising campaigns. Of course, posters can be used inside as well. Shops and businesses use posters in their premises to advertise offers, products and services. Bars and clubs use posters to advertise events, food or drink offers. Entertainment and sporting venues regularly use posers to promote forthcoming events.  Anywhere people pass or visit, posters will ensure they see your message.

Powerful promotion with roll up banners and pop up stands

Roll up banner stands are an increasingly popular and very cost effective form of marketing. You’ll see them everywhere in places like pubs, restaurants, trade shows, shops, reception areas and business premises. Perfect for getting your brand or message out there, roll up banners can be erected anywhere and are completely portable. Pop up stands are larger than roll ups and are as easy to dismantle as they are to erect.

Stand out from the pack with PVC Vinyl banners

Ideal for advertising businesses, events or even private parties, PVC vinyl banners are hard wearing, tear-resistant and waterproof. They’re also portable so you can use them in different locations again and again. Perfect for all sorts of uses from advertising your new business venture to simply saying “happy birthday”.

Kick competitors into touch with large format printing

You might be surprised at how many different large format print products there are and at how little they cost. All over Ireland we help customers to shout about their events, boost their businesses or even just show their support for the girls in green. We’d love to help you too. See how large format printing can help you and see the full range of products at

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